Will I Still Be Able To Shave After A Beard Transplant In Miami?

September 16, 2023
September 16, 2023 hairtransplant

A growing number of men in Miami are opting to have facial hair transplants, and many young individuals continue to be fascinated by the idea of growing a beard that is thicker and bushier than it naturally is. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant, we execute beard transplants with cutting-edge hair restoration methods. These therapies not only allow us to restore your facial hair in balding spots but also enable us to give definition to the beard.

Most men who are interested in beard reconstruction genetically have scanty or no facial hair which is considered to be less masculine and deceptively youthful. On the other hand, some other patients opt for facial hair transplantation for aesthetic reasons; to improve the density and shape of the facial hair such as to grow a more defined full beard, mustache, or sideburns.

In this article, we’ll go over some hair transplant fundamentals and address some more specific queries concerning shaving following a beard transplant.

What Is A Beard Hair Transplant?

A beard hair transplant is a distinct type of facial hair transplantation in which hair follicles are taken from another part of the body and are inserted into target areas at the chin, cheeks, or neck.

Refinement in hair transplant surgery techniques has made naturally-appearing facial hair transplants possible. Reforming eyebrows, beards, and temple hair have all become famous procedures in Miami, because of the magnitude of data available and the fact that the outcome can be incredibly outstanding with the utilization of hair restoration methods.

What Is The Specific Post-Op Care After A Beard Hair Transplant?

There are a few things you can do to promote the recovery period right after your transplant. For the first 3 days, you should be very watchful for your facial grimace when you eat and talk. Limit the articulations while talking or eating. Eat soft foods that do not involve so much chewing. Sleep facing upwards to prevent the transplanted grafts from getting pressed or rubbed.

How Do You Clean Your Face After The Surgery?

For the first week, you will be instructed to lightly pat your hand over the transplanted hair with shampoo and water then carefully rinse. Do not use superheated water. Do not apply too much stress or rub off the newly transplanted zone. That said, be extremely gentle with your face.

How Are Beard Transplants Performed In Miami?

In Miami, a lot of experts are available to provide services of a beard transplant, however, the extent of quality and outcome depend on the expert’s expertise. For this reason it’s important to choose a clinic that specializes in these procedures such as our very own Nova Medical Hair Transplant.

That said, the FUE procedure is a gold standard method usually employed to perform a beard hair transplant so that the patient does not have a linear scar on the donor region. The process normally takes four to five hours and can take anywhere from 800-1500 grafts that are implanted from the back of the head to the beard depending on the expectations of the patient.

The patients have the option to select both narrow and broad facial hair, modified to the shape of the face and individual choices. The transplant can only cover lost hair, e.g., hairless regions on the cheeks, or complete facial hair reconstruction, e.g., in the case of men with hormonal disturbances.

As the beard heals, scabs are formed around the region where the grafts were placed. It takes about a week to two weeks for the scabs to shed off. The area remains scarcely red for a while, and the redness slowly fades away in one to two months. The transplanted beard starts to grow around the three month mark after the surgery, and consistently improves with time; full effects are seen after 1 year. The transplanted beard gives permanent results that patients can enjoy for years to come.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For A Beard Transplant? 

The facial hair transplant is usually utilized in patients who do not have natural adequate hair on their own to fill in a full beard.

It is usually performed for men who want a natural-looking, fuller beard or mustache. Men who suffer from scanty or speck pattern hair loss and who have sufficient hair in the donor area are also suitable candidates. In addition, men who have the desire to fill up or reshape their beard are also good candidates. 

Can You Exercise After A Bear Transplant In Miami?

You must refrain from exercise, activities, and sports for 5 days for FUE. Too much activity could cause inflammation, bleeding and failure of grafts. After 5 days, you may continue mild training, continuing to bypass strenuous activity such as running, weight lifting, golfing, and cycling for further 5 days. 

Avoid stretching or extreme bending of your neck for 2 weeks as this could affect the recovery of your donor region. You must refrain from sexual activity for 3 days after your procedure as well. Also, remember to tilt at the knees instead of the waist when picking up things and tying shoes for at least the first 3 days. 

When Can You Go Back To Work After A Beard Hair Transplant?

If you have a desk job, you may return to work the next day, considering you are able to work with mild donor area pain and mild redness to the scalp. If your job requires you to hold up objects greater than 15 pounds or if you are relatively active, it is recommended that you return to work after 5 days after the FUE.

Can You Shave Or Cut Your Beard After A Facial Hair Transplant In Miami?

If you’ve been wondering whether you’ll be able to shave your face again after a beard transplant then you’re probably also wondering when you’ll be able to do it. You may get a haircut once all of the scabs and crusts are gone. Hair coloring should be taken care of no later than 3 days before surgery, not after the procedure. If not, you must wait 2 weeks after surgery to go through with hair coloring. Your scalp may not be feeling any sensations, so use blow dryers with vigilance.

Having said that, shaving after your scabs have healed is quite normal, and you may do it as you normally would since your hair will be growing naturally over the course of the following several months. To avoid any grafts from failing and not taking into the skin, it is imperative that you wait to shave until after all of the scabs have healed. This will prevent any failures from occurring.

Why Is It Important To Wait Until After Your Hair Grafts Have Healed To Shave Your Beard?

It is essential to wait for the transplanted hair to grasp onto the scalp before shaving for the first time. An inaccurate hasty trimming may result in the transplanted hair shedding off because the hair follicles are still not tenable in the first 2 weeks. It is quite normal for the hair follicles to shed off with slight injury so you need to make sure you do everything to ensure this does not happen.

Our hair restoration specialists suggest shaving your hair 1-1.5 months after the procedure. Hair shaving, even with a scissor, before 1 month’s duration may induce loss of some of your hair follicles. However, after 1 month, the transplanted hair will have been taken and be considered safe. Therefore, there will be no risk of hair transplant failure due to early shaving. 

How To Shave The Donor Area After A Hair Transplant In Miami

As we previously mentioned, patients should wait 1 or 1.5 months for a shave after hair transplantation. However, this does not refer to the donor region. After hair transplantation, the donor region could be shaved at any time. Since shaving the donor area will not influence the recipient region, there are no limitations.

It is recommended that you should wait before shaving the donor region as the hair growing in the donor area could safeguard the inflamed zones from sun exposure. If you shave the donor zone too early, the wounds in this area will be in direct sun exposure and inflammation may occur.

After receiving a hair transplant, the first time you cut your hair with scissors should be done so that the ends of your hair are trimmed. Having said that, you will be able to use a shaving machine between two and three months following the treatment. When you shave using a razor or a shaving machine, you won’t notice a significant change in the length of your hair. Because the razor will be in direct touch with the scalp after hair transplantation, the wait time before the hair may be shaved with a razor is significantly increased. This is due to the fact that the razor will be in direct contact with the scalp. If the razor causes damage to a hair follicle, the hair may become brittle and fall out as a result. Taking into consideration this issue and refraining from using a razor for at least three to four months following surgery will make things a lot more realistic for the patient.

Learn More About Beard Hair Transplants In Miami

If you’d like to learn more about the beard hair transplant please give our experts a call or fill out a contact form on our website and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have as well as concerns regarding the treatment.


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