FUE Hair Transplant

Restoring Your Hairline with FUE: Safe, Painless, and Natural Thick Hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in Miami presents a minimally invasive approach to harvesting hair follicles for patients experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. This technique focuses on the secure donor regions situated at the scalp’s back and sides. Our utilization of this cutting-edge technology, including specialized hybrid punches with diameters below 1mm, facilitates the extraction of thousands of follicles. This process boasts remarkably low rates of rejection, minimal discomfort, and scarcely noticeable scarring.

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant in Miami, we steer clear of automated or robotic extraction systems. Our approach is rooted in surgical finesse, as our seasoned surgeons and proficient team meticulously extract each follicle by hand, ensuring unparalleled precision. Following extraction, our use of microsurgical tools and high magnification techniques enables us to artfully implant the grafts into both the hairline and areas of the scalp experiencing baldness or thinning.

While FUE surgery leaves very small circular scars in the donor region, our patients, especially around 80% of our male clientele, lean towards FUE for its minimally invasive nature and its avoidance of a linear scar. This advantage grants the flexibility to maintain shorter hair lengths or even opt for a clean shave without any concerns regarding donor scar visibility. For the majority, FUE in Miami entails minimal discomfort and downtime, delivering results that are natural and practically undetectable. Hair loss can be a distressing journey, one that chips away at confidence. However, through hair transplantation, we aim not only to restore hair but also to bestow renewed self-assurance.

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FUE recovery timeline

Recovery following a minimally invasive FUE hair transplant in Miami generally spans around one week. The donor area will be shielded with a gauze bandage, removable on the first day. Tiny donor sites typically heal within 2-3 days, becoming inconspicuous in a week, resembling a neat “high and tight” haircut. The recipient area, where grafts are placed, may develop crusts and scabs that generally persist for about a week. Swelling in the transplanted region, occasionally reaching the eyelids and cheeks, might cause temporary puffiness for a few days, a normal post-op occurrence expected to resolve within 2-3 days.

Patients often opt for a few days off work post-FUE session, while light activities like phone calls and computer work can resume on day one. Around a week later, any swelling and redness usually diminish. Mild exercise and other activities can restart in 5-7 days, with a recommended 2-3 week pause on intense exercise and swimming.

How much time does FUE hair transplantation surgery take to complete?

Embarking on an FUE hair transplant journey entails a duration of approximately 4 to 10 hours, contingent upon the graft quantity required. A session involving 2000-2500 follicular units might extend to 10 hours. Though the process is time-intensive, our patients universally noted its comfort and relaxation. Many spend the day listening to music, podcasts, Netflix, or movies, or simply relaxing. We ensure your comfort by providing breaks, snacks, and a nourishing lunch during the procedure.

Boosting your

…one graft at a time

Exploring FUE Hair Transplant Costs

The financial investment associated with an FUE session is based upon various factors, such as the number of follicles needed for transplantation, any prior treatments, and the specific characteristics of the donor and recipient areas. Unlike certain larger clinic chains that charge per graft, our approach in Miami is comprehensive. We advise individuals to consider the procedure holistically, focusing on the overall outcome we aim to accomplish. Our hair transplant clinic also offers support to patients seeking financing options to make the process more accessible.

Who Is the ideal candidate for an FUE hair transplant?

The decision to pursue a hair transplant often arises when the reflection staring back from the mirror or a photograph doesn’t align with one’s internal self-image. Both Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) have their distinct pros and drawbacks. FUE, in particular, caters to those seeking a permanent solution through a minimally invasive procedure with minimal downtime. It’s especially suited for individuals who want the flexibility to maintain shorter hair at the back and sides, without obvious scarring. Our experienced team at Nova Medical Hair Transplant in Miami is proficient in both FUE and FUT techniques, allowing us to guide you towards the best approach for your needs. Presently, around 80% of our male patients favor FUE for their hair transplant.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplantation:

If you’re contemplating a hair transplant, our expert team will collaborate with you to determine the optimal approach. The advantages of opting for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation include:

Enjoy a Permanent Solution to Your Hair Loss Problem:

During FUE surgery, we meticulously select follicles from the “permanent donor area” situated at the back and sides of the scalp. This strategic choice ensures that the transplanted hairs are anticipated to grow just as they did in their original location for the years to come. For the majority of male patients, the outcomes of FUE hair transplant in Miami are long-lasting and permanent.

Minimal Downtime:

The FUE procedure is characterized by its minimally invasive nature, with no obvious linear scar at the back of the scalp and no requirement for sutures. The donor sites, measuring less than 1mm, typically heal within 2-3 days, causing minimal discomfort.

No Linear Scar:

With FUE surgery, you can rejuvenate your confidence and enhance your overall appearance by reinstating your youthful look. After all, who wouldn’t feel more youthful with a full head of hair?

Improved Appearance and Self-Confidence:

The goal of the FUE surgery lies in achieving an entirely natural and inconspicuous result, revitalizing not only your hairline but also your confidence. The transplanted hair is undeniably yours, allowing you to wash, cut, and style it to your preference. You can engage in activities like swimming, sports, and confidently face the world with renewed self-esteem.

How FUE can help with strip graft scars

At our esteemed hair transplant clinic in Miami, our hair transplant surgeons and experts hold board certification in head and neck as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. They possess comprehensive training and extensive experience in the most cutting-edge techniques for scar reconstruction, revision, and camouflage. FUE hair transplants offer versatile solutions for correcting scarring across the scalp, eyebrows, moustache, and beard areas. Moreover, they prove effective in addressing scarring resulting from prior FUT strip surgery procedures.

In our capable hands, FUT strip surgery executed through trichophytic techniques typically yields a delicate, slender scar measuring a mere 1-2 mm in width. This scar often becomes virtually undetectable. However, for certain cases, especially among patients who have undergone multiple strip surgery procedures elsewhere, visibility of donor scars can become a concern. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant in Miami, we adeptly employ FUE techniques to directly transplant into pre-existing FUT scars, effectively concealing and camouflaging them. Additionally, we offer alternative approaches such as re-excision and closure or scalp micro pigmentation to enhance the appearance of older scars.

Why Choose Us for FUE Hair Transplant in Miami:

When it comes to choosing the right destination for your FUE hair transplant, the decision is ultimately personal. At Nova Medical Hair Transplant in Miami, our unwavering commitment is to ensure complete patient satisfaction. This commitment is brought to life through our provision of state-of-the-art follicular unit hair transplant surgery, all within a comfortable and fully accredited surgical facility. Upholding the highest standards of comfort and safety, we offer an array of comprehensive hair restoration solutions. These encompass both medical and surgical treatments, embracing FUT and FUE hair transplantation, surgical hairline lowering, and PRP therapy.

Guided by a unique philosophy, we view modern hair transplantation as a pathway to empowerment for our patients, both women and men. Our mission is to empower every patient to achieve their optimal look and feel their absolute best. To that end, we offer a comprehensive variety of FUE options, designed to cater to individual needs and goals. Through personalized treatment plans that are attuned to each patient’s unique requirements, we aspire to create lasting relationships. For this reason, we invite you to embark on a consultation journey with us, experience our approach firsthand, and embark on a path toward renewed confidence.

Types of Follicular Unit Extraction Techniques

During your consultation, we’ll work with you to identify the ideal FUE system tailored to your individual needs and desires. Here, we outline the distinct types of FUE hair transplants that we offer in Miami:

NeoGraft FUE

NeoGraft FUE employs an automated rotary punch with a diameter of approximately 0.9 mm. This technology ensures swift, secure, and painless graft removal.

ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant

The ARTAS FUE procedure utilizes a robotic rotary punch with a diameter around 1.0 mm. Similar to NeoGraft, ASTAS efficiently and painlessly harvests FUE grafts.

Non-Surgical Options

For those seeking alternatives to FUE hair transplants, we offer non-surgical options. These include topical minoxidil and nutrients, plasma-derived growth factors also known as PRP, and low level, high intensity light therapies. Non-FUE transplant treatments can also complement FUE procedures for optimal outcomes.

Preparing for a FUE Hair Transplant Procedure:

Before your procedure, you will receive comprehensive instructions. Our team will collect your medical history and assess your regular medications, most of which can be continued until the day of surgery.

If you are on blood thinners like Aspirin, Coumadin, or Plavix, the doctor will guide you on whether and for how long you should pause these medications safely.

In general, we advise refraining from anti-inflammatory medications, specific vitamins, supplements, and alcohol for at least a week before the procedure, as they can lead to increased bleeding that hinders graft growth. Reducing or avoiding smoking is also important to promote healing.

On the day of your hair transplant, our surgeon and team will review instructions and prescriptions. We will demonstrate scalp care and post-procedure hair washing methods. You’ll receive guidance on “do’s and don’ts” and instructions about when you can resume regular activities.

Preparing for FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

In preparation for your FUE hair transplant procedure, it’s important to follow specific instructions, including:

  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications, vitamin E, and B tablets for a week before the procedure, as they can impact the outcome.
  • Refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol one week before the hair transplant surgery.
  • On the day of the surgery, thoroughly wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner.

What to expect after the FUE procedure?

After undergoing an FUE hair transplant in Miami, you can expect:

  • Reduced discomfort and a quicker recovery compared to older transplant techniques.
  • No specific maintenance steps are required; you can resume your regular routine the day after the procedure.
  • The small cuts from the hair follicle deployment in the donor area do not require stitches. They will scab over time and become inconspicuous once fully healed.

FUE Hair Transplant Recovery timeline

Day 1

After your FUE hair transplant procedure, on the first day, you will leave the clinic with a light gauze dressing over the donor area. While the grafts themselves won’t have a dressing, you’ll be advised to keep the recipient area clean and moist using a gentle spray bottle. It’s common to experience some minor swelling and discomfort on this day, and you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to manage these sensations.

Day 2

On the second day after your FUE hair transplant, the dressing over the donor area will be removed. You might still experience some ongoing minor discomfort, swelling, and redness. Fortunately, these sensations can be managed effectively with the medications provided by your medical team. At this stage, you can return to non-physical work and gradually resume your regular low-impact daily activities.

Days 3 to 5

Swelling peaks during these days, occasionally reaching the eyelids and cheeks. This is normal and temporary. You can start gently washing your hair following provided instructions.

Days 5 to 6

Swelling subsides, leaving only minor discomfort.

Days 7 to 10

After around seven to ten days you can start to wash your hair normally, gently removing scabs; That said it’s important not to scratch them off. For FUT, return to the clinic for suture removal. Light exercise can be resumed. 

Days 14 to 21

Any lingering crusting and scabbing will disappear at this point. The majority of the donor hairs will have fallen out along with the scabs, but the dormant follicles are still in the scalp and are still active. Depending on your expert’s instructions, you can resume swimming and more demanding activities.

Months 3 to 6

You will start to see the transplanted hairs slowly growing in. Being patient is key!

Months 12 to 18 

Full results of the procedure become visible around this point.

Notice: Avoid strenuous exercise during the initial 4 weeks post-surgery. Wait a month before resuming regular daily workouts.

FUE hair transplant FAQ

What level of pain can be expected during FUE hair transplant surgery?

We conduct FUE Miami hair transplant procedures in a comfortable, fully accredited outpatient clinic using local anesthesia. Our techniques generally result in minimal discomfort, eliminating the need for a general anesthetic. Pain medication and light sedatives are administered orally to ensure utmost comfort, and our advanced local anesthesia techniques contribute to minimal pain reported by most patients. Throughout the procedure, patients can enjoy their day by listening to music, podcasts, watching Netflix, or simply relaxing.

Is FUE hair transplant a permanent solution?

For men, the transplanted hairs are typically harvested from the permanent zones at the scalp’s back and sides, leading to generally permanent results. In women, the outcomes are also durable, though the donor area might be less predictable. Over time, some loss of non-transplanted hair in the surrounding areas can occur, prompting certain patients to opt for a subsequent procedure to address ongoing hair loss in the transplanted region.

How long is the recovery period after an FUE hair transplant?

We usually suggest taking about 2-3 days off after your FUE Miami procedure, although many patients resume phone calls, emails, and computer work on the first day post-procedure. Some even handle business matters during the procedure. Usually, within a week, swelling and redness subside, rendering the transplant undetectable. Light exercise can be resumed within 5-7 days, but more intensive exercise and swimming are advised after 2-3 weeks.


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