PRP For Hair Loss in Miami: How Does It Work?

September 16, 2023
September 16, 2023 rishu

PRP for hair loss in Miami

If you’ve heard about the new ‘it’ treatment for hair loss that’s taking the country by storm, you may know that people are raving about PRP’s benefits. It might not be as clear to you what this therapy involves and why it works so well. Here, we’ll explain the science behind PRP for hair loss in Miami and what incredible benefits you can expect.

Miami hair loss- PRP therapy is taking over

You’re probably well aware that gimmicks and solutions for balding abound, yet the multi-billion-dollar industry often delivers empty promises. Many people search for drug and surgery-free solutions to hair shedding, but they come up short. At the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic, we provide men and women with permanent and effective hair restoration surgery, and now we can offer a non-surgical approach too.

Where did PRP come from?

The concept may be new to you as it just arrived on the aesthetic beauty scene in the early 2000s, but platelet-rich plasma therapy was first used in surgical settings decades ago, and medical research has been intensive. This concentrated, naturally derived platelet serum has been shown to stimulate new cell growth, accelerate healing and reduce inflammation in a variety of applications. It has a safe and impressive track record.

Because the platelets in your blood contain growth factors and mesenchymal stem cells, when concentrated, they act like a supercharged growth and healing solution. Doctors have been applying this autologous therapy in sports medicine, orthopedics, dental surgery and more with well-documented results.

Because the biotechnology is new to the hair transplant industry, research is ongoing and promising results are preliminary. Most reputable hair transplant practices are jumping on board enthusiastically because these surgeons know the innate power to heal and grow that PRP holds. Our clients see the results within just a few weeks, and the application is quite versatile.

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What will your PRP for hair loss in Miami be like?

This treatment is so simple that patients can have a session over a lunch break or at any time of day. You can return to your regular activities with no downtime or restrictions.

In our comfortable office, you’ll have a little blood drawn from the arm. This small sample is spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelet serum. This formula is injected back into your numbed scalp using even spacing. The injections are very shallow- just to the follicle level. Once the whole treatment area is covered, we’ll rinse your scalp, and you’re free to leave. You’ll see no sign of treatment, no incisions and no scars.

Is PRP right for you?

Whether you’ve scheduled a hair transplant surgery and want to ensure a rapid recovery with supercharged results, or you want a quick, easy, natural way to boost hair growth- PRP can help you. There’s no chance of acquiring an infection or having a drug allergy since the treatment is 100% derived from your own body and contains no medications or synthetic ingredients.

You can have an obligation-free consultation to talk about your options and learn more about PRP. Contact our experts at the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today.


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