Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly, a prominent figure in music and acting, is known for his distinctive style and persona.

His hair, which has undergone a noticeable transformation, adds to his unique image. While MGK has not confirmed undergoing a hair transplant, the changes in his hair density and style suggest a successful intervention, possibly reflecting popular hair restoration methods from the time.

Early Signs and Potential Restoration

In the initial phase of his career, MGK displayed a somewhat thinner hairline, a common issue among men in their late 20s. Over time, however, there was a visible improvement in the fullness and styling of his hair. Given the timeline of his transformation, it is plausible that MGK might have opted for a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, a method gaining popularity and refinement during that period. Another sign of opting for the FUE method is due to the fact that MGK does not have a linear scar at the back of his scalp which would have resulted from the FUT hair restoration method.

Follicular Unit Extraction, a technique known for its precision and natural results, involves individual hair follicle extraction and transplantation. This method, which was becoming increasingly advanced and popular during the time of MGK’s apparent hair transformation, is known for its minimal scarring and effective results. It aligns with the type of discreet yet impactful change observed in MGK’s hair.

Based on the extent of enhancement required, an estimated total of approximately 1500 grafts would have been sufficient to attain the remarkable results seen now. This single-session approach, with a relatively moderate number of grafts, suggests a focused and effective treatment, contributing to his refreshed and vibrant appearance.

Mirroring Machine Gun Kelly's Look: Our Clinic's Strategy

Cutting-Edge FUE Technology

Inspired by transformations akin to MGK’s, our clinic specializes in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the likely method behind his rejuvenated hairline. Our use of this advanced technique ensures a natural look with minimal downtime, ideal for those seeking significant yet subtle enhancements.

Personalization in Hair Restoration

We understand that hair is a crucial aspect of one’s artistic and personal identity. Our approach is highly individualized, considering not just your hair loss pattern but also your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. We aim to achieve results that resonate with your personality and stylistic choices, mirroring the kind of transformation seen in artists like MGK.

Natural Results for Each Patient

Our commitment to natural-looking and effective results is paramount. By employing FUE, we focus on recreating a natural hairline and improving density, ensuring that the outcome complements your features while reflecting your personal style.


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