Men often lose their hair, and if they want it back, they usually go to a doctor or dermatologist right away. That said, they should always see a professional who has the right skills, abilities, and talent to make it look natural and full, which is usually a specialist in hair loss or hair restoration. In this article, our team at Nova Medical Hair Transplant Miami, will talk more about hair loss in the crown region and why hair transplants or any hair restoration needs to be performed by a professional surgeon or technician if the person wants to see great results. This blog will be broken down in a frequently asked questions outline to better explain everything there is to know about this topic so you can be as prepared as possible for your hair transplant.

The Specialized Technique For Crown Hair Restoration

Hair follicles grow in very specific patterns and every patient will have a different type of pattern on the head. When you look at the top of a man’s head, the hair grows in a circular pattern that is often called a swirl or whorl. This means that the hair transplant needs to be done by a professional if you want it to look as natural as possible. If a surgeon just did a normal hair transplant, the hair would not grow back in the same way. This means that for the crown hair transplant to look natural, it is important to have it done by a highly trained surgeon or technician who can make incisions at angles that match the natural flow of the hair. Seeing a trained professional is the best way to get the best results that make a hair transplant look like it was never even done.

Should You Get A Crown Hair Transplant?

Male pattern hair loss often happens in the crown area, which is sometimes called the “vertex” or the “bald spot” in the back of the scalp. Because of this, people often opt for a hair transplant. In fact, this is one of the most common things people are concerned about when they come in for a consultation. The crown region is an area where men tend to lose hair, so hair transplants can be used to treat it. So why do people ask if they should get hair transplants in the crown?

Well, because there are a few things that every patient needs to think about and talk to their doctor about before getting a hair transplant.

Does Hair Take Longer To Grow On The Crown Area Of The Head?

It’s important to remember that everyone’s hair grows at a different rate and that two people may not have the same experience. As research has been done, it has become clear that there is no real proof that hair transplanted in the crown region will take longer to grow. As the hair grows in a spiral pattern, the way it thins out and grows may not look as dense at first, but it will get there in the end.

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Are You Losing Hair In Other Parts Of Your Head As Well?

Even though the crown is important to many patients, it is usually not as “cosmetically important” as other parts of the scalp. In most normal situations, the crown isn’t as noticeable as the hairline or the front of the scalp, which are more obvious. It’s near the back of the head and very high up on the scalp, so most people don’t really notice it. That said, if you are also thinning in the front of your face, it is probably best to take care of these areas before trying to do the crown.

Even if you want to do a mega-session to deal with both at the same time, it is usually best to start in the front and work your way back to the crown. So, if you run out of grafts, the more visible hairline, frontal scalp, and mid-scalp areas will be done first. Why does this matter, though? Why can’t it all be done at once, or at least the back? Well …

How Much Of The Donor Area Are You Able To Transplant?

The donor region, which is where the follicles are taken from, is limited. This means that if a person loses hair quickly, he or she might not have enough grafts for life to cover the whole scalp. When you’re thinking about getting a crown transplant but only have a small donor area, you need to ask yourself, “What will I look like if I use up all my donor area on the crown transplant and end up thin in the front?” Most of the time, this would not give a natural look.

Men with thick, full fronts and thin crowns are more common, though. Because of this, if you only have a small number of donor grafts and can only transplant one part of the scalp, it is best to use it up at the front.

Now, some men only lose hair in the crown and not in the front. In this case, the donor can be judged differently. But it’s hard to tell how hair loss will progress, so it’s best to make sure there’s enough donor hair for the front first. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are only so many donor follicles and that taking care of the front is almost always the safest and smartest thing to do. That said, your hair loss expert can still only do the crown area if that is your main concern and priority– everything will be considered during your consultation.

Can Your Age Affect Your Crown Hair Transplant?

Before a crown transplant can be considered for a younger person, they should be checked out more thoroughly. Even though a “bald spot” can be hard on a young man’s mental health, young people with hair loss in this area tend to lose more hair. This goes back to what was said above: people who are losing their hair quickly and have a limited number of grafts for the rest of their lives need to plan ahead and use their grafts wisely.

If a young man’s hair starts to thin in the crown, it’s likely that it will also thin in the front. This means that his grafts might work better in this area. Even if it’s not clear, he might be better off waiting for a transplant to see what happens in the front. Due to its complex nature, this is one of those reasons that requires a very skilled clinic in order to make the best decision moving forward.

Why Is It So Important To Pick A Skilled Clinic?

When restoring follicular density to hair on the front temple or sides, a skilled surgeon must take a very different approach than when restoring density to hair on the crown. The following are some things to keep in mind: 

Maintaining The Specific Pattern

The hair on the crown of the head grows in a circular pattern, which is often called the whirl or swirl as we previously mentioned. Many average doctors can transplant hair, but only a few great surgeons have the skill to make incisions that are small and careful so that the hair looks both thick and natural. The hair transplant surgeon needs to make tiny cuts at different angles that look like the natural whorl. Masterful results can only be achieved by a specialist, a technician or a general cosmetic surgeon. 

Even if the incisions are close together, making random cuts may cause hair to grow, but it may not look natural, it may be hard to style, and it is often obvious to others that the hairs that are sprouting are not your natural hairs. Also, it can be hard to put the follicular units into the incisions in a way that looks good and is accurate. During the implantation process, a surgeon who doesn’t have the right specialty or experience could hurt the grafts or the ones around them by accident. 

The Timeline For Hair Growth

The hair transplant growth chart is pretty much the same no matter where the hair is placed on the scalp, but people say that hair in the crown might take a little longer to grow. Usually, it takes a year, but in some cases, it can take up to 18 months for the hair to be fully grown. 

After the crown hair transplant, it will take about a week or two for the area to look fully healed. After four to six weeks, most of the transplanted hair in the crown, if not all of it, will fall out. After about three to four months, tiny hairs that don’t have full pigment will start to grow, but not all of them will grow at once. This growth process will continue in the months to come and will normally take full effect around six months to a year.

How Can Nova Medical Hair Transplant Help With Your Crown Restoration?

At the Nova Medical Hair Transplant in Miami, our team works hard to give you results you can be happy with. Our team is built on the idea that high quality and high success rates are the most important things. If you want to have a hair transplant done on your crown and get great results, the experts on our team are ready to answer your questions and get you scheduled. Call our team right now or book your very own consultation directly on our website.

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