What Are The Benefits of PRP For Hair Loss in Miami?

Get the most out of PRP Hair Loss Treatment

How PRP can restore your hair?

When people begin to notice hair thinning, it can be a subtle but frustrating process. You may try everything from medicated shampoos, to herbal supplements, to high-tech combs. The truth is that very few interventions aside from surgery can prevent hair loss. PRP in Miami is changing that. This is a drug-free, surgery-free solution that really works and it’s taking the country by storm. Read on to learn how PRP can restore your hair.

PRP for hair loss in Miami is changing the game

Did you know you have the power to grow hair, running through your veins? Doctors and surgeons have utilized the power of platelet-rich plasma for decades in surgery and sports medicine. This extract of human blood contains 5 times the usual concentration of platelets. These are responsible for clotting, relieving inflammation, triggering cell growth and more. The potent growth factors found in PRP impart accelerated healing and growth effects when targeted right to the source of an injury. Likewise, hair transplant surgeons have now discovered that PRP in the scalp slows hair loss and triggers hair growth.

Can PRP work with or without a hair transplant?

PRP will not grow hair follicles where there are no active ones. Unfortunately, it can’t reverse baldness. What it can do is wake up and stimulate dormant follicles which have shrunk or slowed down in their production. It can also accelerate healing after hair transplant surgery. What that means is both transplant procedure patients and those who choose not to have a surgery can benefit from PRP treatment.

People who want to avoid anything unnatural in their body love the safe, risk-free nature of PRP for hair loss in Miami. We use a small amount of your own blood to create the 100% personalized, customized treatment. Your body recognizes its cells and works with the plasma to immediately grow and restore hair.

Those who want to boost the results of a hair transplant can schedule PRP shortly afterward. The rapid healing serum can decrease recovery time and help to stimulate angiogenesis- the formation of tiny new blood vessels. These feed the follicles and boost the take rate of grafts as well as the growth of each hair strand.

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What’s the treatment like?

This safe, natural therapy doesn’t require any downtime. That makes it easy to schedule a quick, 60-minute treatment on a lunch break, after work or any time of day. You won’t have any incisions or restrictions to worry about after.

You’ll have a small amount of blood drawn from your arm, then your doctor will spin it in a centrifuge device that quickly separates the components. Your scalp won’t feel a thing because we use a local anesthetic to temporarily numb the area. Your PRP will be injected very superficially, at the follicle level. In a roughly 1-2 cm spacing throughout the scalp, tiny injections infuse the treatment area. Once finished, you won’t see any sign of treatment and you can return to your daily activities. Patients notice results within a few weeks, and we recommend you start with a set of 3 treatments, one month apart.

If you have questions about PRP for hair loss, we can help. Contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today and let us schedule your private consultation. With solutions so effective and easy, now’s a great time to regrow your hair!

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