PRP for hair loss in Miami

Perhaps you’ve heard of PRP for hair loss in Miami, and you’re wondering, what’s the catch? After all, this drug-free, surgery-free method of hair growth stimulation has a lot going for it.
Millions of men and women suffering from thinning, balding hair are supplying a multi-billion-dollar hair growth industry. Yet, the benefits of various products and solutions can sometimes be disappointing. You want to know if PRP really works. We’re excited to tell you it does, and here’s why.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair loss, is a Miami favourite in hair transplant clinics

While it’s a biotechnology that’s new to the hair restoration market, it’s been widely tested and applied in conventional medicine for decades. Using blood drawn from your arm, practitioners extract just the plasma and platelets, then inject the solution back into your body. This concept may sound strange, but orthopedic, dental and heart surgeons have relied on its effective healing and growth stimulating power for many years.

Your platelets contain over 20 different growth factors which can trigger cell growth, reduce inflammation and stimulate angiogenesis (blood vessel formation). When applied to an injury, PRP tells the tissue to heal and grow stronger, replacement tissue. When applied at the roots of your hair, PRP appears to wake up dormant follicles, increase growth, length and density of strands. It’s also a beneficial post-hair transplant therapy because PRP’s anti-inflammatory properties help the scalp to heal rapidly and increase the success rate of each healing graft.

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Here are a few of our top reasons for choosing PRP:

PRP is extensively tested and proven as a safe, potent therapy in orthopedics, dental surgery, cardiac surgery, sports medicine, facial plastic surgery, joint, cartilage and ligament rehabilitation, and more. In the early 2000s, it was welcomed into the aesthetic beauty market as a complexion smoothing, and firming rejuvenator.

It’s 100% all-natural. Plenty of our clients are averse to taking medication or applying anything toxic to their skin. Surgery is not for everyone, and if you want a healthy, natural solution, it can be hard to find. The autologous source of this remedy gives our patients peace of mind.

The treatment is easy. When considering medications that carry side effects, or surgical procedures requiring time off work to heal, PRP for hair loss in Miami is a fast, no fuss solution. Our patients have their scalp treatment in under 60 minutes and return to their regular activities without any sign of a procedure or aftercare to worry about. What could be easier?

If you’re experiencing thinning hair or increased shedding and you want a risk-free, simple way to stop it, PRP could be the answer you’re seeking. Contact us today for a private consultation to learn more and allow our experts to create a custom plan, that will help you get your hair and confidence back.

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