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Why Choose Miami FUE?

As a popular cosmetic surgery destination amongst both celebrities and busy professionals, Miami is home to a wide range of clinics offering a variety of esthetic services.

As a result, choosing a hair loss clinic can be overwhelming. When narrowing down your options, it is important to seek out a qualified and experienced hair loss clinic rather than a cosmetic spa that has recently added hair transplantation to the long list of beauty treatments they offer. Doing so will ensure that you are entrusting a hair loss specialist who is at the forefront of medical and technological advancements in FUE in Miami.

Your selected surgeon should have extensive experience working with patients who have similar needs, as this ensures that they have dedicated considerable time and attention to their chosen field and have the skill necessary to deliver optimal results. Our clinic utilizes extremely innovative and specialized hair transplant technology and carries top of the line products designed to complement each procedure.

If, like many people, you are seeking a one-time fast but effectual solution for hair loss, you do not want to risk experiencing the disappointment associated with lackluster results or failed grafts brought on by poor technique, inferior equipment, or an inexperienced technician. Luckily, seamless, natural-looking and practically scar-less results are possible when you choose an expert in the field who utilizes the most advanced technology and has the skill and experience necessary to deliver flawless results.

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Although it is common, balding, particularly at a young age, often causes men to feel less attractive, which may negatively impact their self-esteem. Unfortunately, in turn, a receding hairline can take away from the image one hopes to project to the world and may even hinder one’s success. Luckily, a Miami FUE hair transplant can help you achieve celebrity style, restoring your hairline and confidence. Thanks to recent medical advancements in technology, inconspicuous hair transplants are no longer reserved for elite clients.

At the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic, all of our clients are treated like VIPs and are able to take control of their image, regaining confidence in their appearance. In turn, they have greater success in both their personal and professional lives.

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A-list celebrities are often known for their fabulous style and gorgeous hair. The truth is, Hollywood stars are regular people who experience hair thinning and baldness just like you. Their celebrity secret is that top of the line, discrete and natural-looking hair transplants can turn any man’s thinning hair into fuller, younger-looking locks. Now, you can have what they have- and why not? You deserve it.

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Personalized Hair Restoration

The first step when considering FUE in Miami is scheduling a comprehensive complimentary consultation. This one-on-one meeting will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your concerns and goals for the procedure. Since each client has unique needs and objectives, we take the time to get to know every patient and develop a personalized treatment plan rather than offering a one-size-fits-all treatment for hair loss.

In fact, although this hair transplant surgery is an incredibly transformative procedure, we do not recommend that each patient undergo a complete FUE hair transplant, as there are a number of important factors to consider when determining whether it is an appropriate time for a hair transplant. For example, a patient’s age, gender, the pattern of hair loss, and cause of hair loss need to be considered before an appropriate recommendation can be made. Your prospective surgeon should take their time to physically examine your scalp and existing hair to determine your candidacy for this procedure. The size of your donor area and the thinning or bald spots that you would like filled should also be assessed to plan a realistic treatment plan.

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Investment Value

The dedicated staff at our clinic will take your individual budget, goals, and expectations into account to provide you with options that best suit your objective while delivering the best value for your investment. We offer a wide range of solutions for patients suffering from hair loss and would be happy to work with you to develop a personalized hair restoration package to set your transformation into motion.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to understand both the root of your problem and the ideal solution. We are passionate about working with clients to help them restore both their hairline and confidence and deliver results which last a lifetime. During your consultation, you will have an opportunity to tour our facility, examine before and after images of former patients, and test out our NewLook Now hair simulator, which enables you to see for yourself how a restored hairline could transform your appearance. At the end of your appointment, we will provide you with a welcome package which includes a personalized quote, a list of available appointment times, and recommendations for next steps. We understand that your time is valuable and take great care to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals and clients who travel from out of town. That is why when you visit our clinic, we guarantee efficient, discreet and elite service.

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Thick & Healthy Hair

Hair Restoration is no longer just for the A-list, find out about Boca Raton Hair Transplant.

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Skilled Hair Transplant Surgeon

Regardless of how advanced the technology is, if your surgeon does not have the skill or ability necessary to create a natural hairline which mimics realistic density and hair growth patterns, it may be evident to those around you that you have undergone a hair transplant.

Many people shy away from hair transplants because their desire to avoid the hair plug appearance achieved with poorly done hair transplants is stronger than their wish for a full head of hair. However, today’s micro-surgery technology enables surgeons to place individual hairs in the natural direction and pattern of native hairs, creating incredibly realistic results. Thus, there is no need to settle for a fake-looking hair transplant, as a skilled and experienced surgeon can plan and place hair grafts in a way which seamlessly blends with your natural hair. Our hair restoration specialists will work with you to plan a look which complements your appearance and mimics your natural head of hair. Utilizing SmartGraft technology, we place hair implants through extremely small slits in the scalp which heal rapidly and virtually disappear, which means there is no visible scarring.

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Qualified & Licensed Hair Transplant Team

Needless to say, when considering FUE in Miami, it is advisable to entrust licensed health care providers in an accredited surgical facility to ensure the safety and efficacy of the procedure. Patients at the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic can have peace of mind knowing that we adhere to the highest quality and safety standards and are committed to delivering incredible and consistent results. Our specialized team includes registered nurses who are trained in cosmetic surgery, medical support technicians with a warm professional manner and plastic surgeons with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to delivering exceptional, long-lasting results.

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We Love What We Do

Our passion for helping patients suffering from hair loss is evident in everything that we do. We provide each client with individualized service and support them every step of the way to ensure their comfort, safety, and satisfaction. In addition, we understand that your donor hair is valuable which is why we go above and beyond the standards in hair transplant care during the planning stage, the procedure, and your recovery. For exceptional results and celebrity pampering during and after your Miami FUE, please contact our clinic today.

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FUE Hair Transplant Technology

The most advanced technology in the industry

SmartGraft® stands apart among the elite FUE hair transplant systems preferred by the world’s leading surgeons. Offerring faster, atraumatic and virtually scarless methodology, our patients recover quickly and are ensured effective, lasting results.

The incredible SmartGraft® device was created by medical scientists, leading engineers and physicians to improve the efficiency and outcomes of hair transplantation procedures. These experts have revolutionized the field of hair restoration through improved extraction processes, increased graft take rates and maximum patient comfort.

We’re proud to use the SmartGraft® FUE system and our patients enjoy fuller, thicker hair with reduced discomfort or scarring. They’re free to transform their appearance and get right back to enjoying life, without evident scars. There are a number of FUE devices on the market today but none are as specialized, digitally advanced and successful as the elite, SmartGraft system.

Find out if you are a prime candidate for our state-of-the-art hair transplant FUE at our Miami Hair Transplant Clinic.

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FUE Miami

FUE Advantages

It’s advantages include:

  • This advanced technology preserves the life and integrity of each hair follicle graft by cooling and protecting them from moisture loss and damage.
  • Minimizing transplant time with new, rapid extraction rate FUE increases the survival rate of grafts.
  • Micro-punch extractions mean extremely small donor sites, less than 1 mm long, and fine hair grafts containing only 1 or 2 hairs each.
  • Randomized hair donor sites mean that no grid, linear or otherwise visible pattern of extraction appears at the back of the head. Your surgeon can disguise both the location where grafts are harvested from and the recipient site for a virtually scarless procedure.
  • The most pain-free option for hair transplantation yet developed- incisions are precise, shallow and atraumatic. Topical numbing agents are effective to keep patients comfortable throughout the process.
  • An estimated 90% take rate means one FUE session is often enough to deliver dramatic hair restoration results.

State-of-the-art FUE

Scar-less Hair Restoration with results in less than 120days.

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Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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Hairline restored with No Linear Scar

Learn about the advanced hair transplant technology Called Follicular Unit Extraction

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