Beards have always been very popular among men, but sadly, some men have trouble growing a beard that is full and thick, so they end up just shaving it off since they can’t get it to grow any longer. Beard transplants enable men with uneven and scant facial hair to develop a full, natural, and long-lasting beard. According to research, facial hair makes men seem and feel more confident and mature. Men now have the choice of growing a goatee, sideburns, or a full beard thanks to hair transplantation technology available in Miami. There are several advantages to a successful beard transplant, but it is crucial to choose an experienced, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon to do the procedure. The best approach to learn about advanced FUE procedures that provide remarkable results is through a private consultation with a skilled hair transplant expert. Here is what you should know about facial hair transplants if you are contemplating a restoration treatment for yourself.

What Is A Facial Hair Transplant In Miami?

Hair is restored to regions where growth is weak or absent using facial hair transplantation. The treatment may be used in places with no hair or where hair growth is sparse and fullness is needed. 

The goatee and moustache are the most typically treated regions, however beards, sideburns, and cheeks may also be treated. Acne scars and other forms of scars may be covered up using facial hair transplants as well. Although the exact number of grafts needed varies, the following are the averages: 

  • 350-500 grafts for the moustache 
  • 600-700 grafts per goatee 
  • 200–250 grafts per sideburn (each) 
  • 300-700 grafts on the cheek 

If a patient wants an extremely thick density, he or she may need a second round of transplants. 

The key to achieving a natural-looking result with facial hair transplantation is to utilize usually 1 and sometimes 2 hair grafts, precisely placed at the right angle and direction.

Finding The Best Donor Area On Your Scalp

When additional facial hair is wanted, our experts can produce the desired appearance, whether to the whole beard region or to particular parts like the goatee or sideburns. These facial hair transplants may also be used to cover acne scars and repair hair loss as we’ve previously said.

Your surgeon generally takes follicles from the rear of the scalp to fill in sparse facial hair. These hairs are an excellent option since they tend to grow with the same texture and other features as natural facial hair. Additionally, they may be shaved or trimmed as desired.

How To Achieve The Most Natural Facial Hair Restoration Results

A successful hair transplant should result in transplanted hair with natural color, form, and texture. However, facial hair varies in appearance and development patterns from head hair, and poor transplanting procedures may accentuate this by causing eyebrow or beard hairs to grow in the opposite direction.

Our experts are careful to ensure that the results seem natural and that the hairs grow in the correct direction and pattern.

Because hairs removed from the head grow longer than natural eyebrow hairs, transplanted hairs must be trimmed to preserve a natural appearance over time.

Selecting A Qualified Hair Transplant Expert

If a patient chooses a trained, board-certified face plastic surgeon with vast expertise to execute their beard transplant treatment, they may anticipate exceptional outcomes. Individuals with a patchy, sparse beard due to heredity, facial injuries, burns, surgery for cleft lip, or other minor scars may benefit from beard transplant surgery. Healthy patients with an active lifestyle should anticipate a speedy recovery, great outcomes, and minimum scarring.

Hair transplant surgery is a difficult process that must be conducted by an experienced surgeon and surgical team in order to get the desired outcomes. According to the American Hair Loss Association, qualified doctors may conduct hair transplant surgery without accreditation or surgical training in hair transplant treatments. Infected and unattractive hair transplants are frequent among patients who fly to Mexico or Turkey to have the surgery performed at a lower cost.
Before scheduling a surgical appointment, it is vital to study the surgeon and the surgical facility they utilize. A well-informed consumer achieves the greatest outcome and for this reason it should be chosen over places that don’t specialize strictly in this type of procedure.

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant Miami, we solely specialize in leading hair restoration treatments to provide our patients with only the best services for the best results possible.

Ask The Right Questions At Your Consultation 

Before booking a facial hair transplant consultation, patients should examine internet reviews and the doctor’s educational credentials. The consultation is a great time to get to know the doctor, study before-and-after images of past patients, and ask the following questions to decide whether the surgeon is capable of producing exceptional results. 

  • What procedure will be used for hair harvesting? Some providers use dubious and perhaps hazardous practices. FUE and FUT are very dependable harvesting methods. Local anesthetic, minimal punctures during removal, and tiny incisions for each transplanted hair make FUE the ideal alternative. 
  • Where will the donor section be positioned? Donor hair is often extracted from the back of the head or the sides of the scalp in order to match various beard portions. This hair is more resistant to hair loss by nature. 
  • How long would the transplanted beard take to grow? The duration of the process depends on the number of follicles removed and the length of the beard. Surgical procedures may last seven or eight hours. In addition to local anesthetic, the surgeon may also provide sedatives to assist the patient rest during the operation. 
  • Am I a suitable recipient for a beard transplant? In addition to other variables, a skilled surgeon will evaluate the suitability of each patient based on the quantity of viable and healthy hair in the rear of the scalp. This donor area is required for transplantation. Additionally, the surgeon will evaluate the patient’s medical history as well. 

Are You Suitable Candidates For A Facial Hair Transplant In Miami? 

A beard transplant is an outpatient cosmetic treatment that results in permanent facial hair that seems natural and has relatively mild side effects, such as temporary soreness and puffiness. After beard transplant surgery, men often feel more confident and powerful. 

Ideal candidates for a beard transplant must have healthy hair for harvesting, particularly at the scalp’s root. In general, the hair lying at the rear of the head is the best suitable for beard transplants. In certain instances, the physician may also harvest hair from beneath the chin, the sides of the scalp, or another area. 

During a private consultation, the transplant expert will check the patient’s scalp and hair to assess whether the hair is healthy and thick enough to supply the required number of healthy hair follicles. To qualify as an optimal candidate for a beard transplant, patients must: 

  • Want denser, fuller facial hair,
  • Have between 2,000 and 2,500 hair follicles in the donor location that are viable, 
  • Experience just minor face scarring or burns, 
  • Maintain reasonable expectations, 
  • Be in excellent health overall, 
  • Be dedicated to complying with all pre- and post-operative instructions.

Learn More About Miami Facial Hair Transplants

If you want to cover uneven or thin regions, burns, or acne scars in your beard and facial hair, contact our clinic directly or visit Nova Medical Hair Transplant Miami to schedule an appointment with our renowned hair transplant expert in Miami, FL. We look forward to helping you achieve the results you deserve.

Will A Facial Hair Transplant Look Normal After Having The Procedure?

For hair loss patients, a facial hair transplant is the most permanent and natural-looking option available. Hair transplants provide permanent hair treatments for bald heads, while beard transplants may provide long-term remedies for patchy beards. The follicle is effectively implanted if new hair falls out at first. New hair will sprout from these follicles in the future, and it will resemble real hair that will look extremely natural.
The only difference is that the donated hair retains its qualities even when harvested from a different location. It indicates the texture, curl pattern, and density are all the same as they were before harvesting. Healthy facial hair grows thicker than thin hair transferred to the beard region. Instead, it develops into fine body hair. Check our recent success stories of our patients.
With this in mind, the surgeon will utilize or remove hair that matches the beard hair, resulting in a seamless final appearance. Body hair on the sideburns or temples, for example, might assist to diminish the hairline without seeming too dramatic. For people with curly beards, dense chest hair that blends in with the natural facial hair may be useful as well.

Why Choose Nova Medical Hair Transplant Miami For Your Facial Hair Transplant

Our board-certified plastic and hair loss surgeon in Miami is highly renowned and is one of the greatest hair and beard transplant experts in the United States. Our entire team is committed to our patients and we provide premium work based on honesty, trust, and open communication, while many physicians who do hair transplants are unqualified, take shortcuts, and provide low-quality services.
We treat a large number of out-of-town patients who understand the significance of having a qualified face plastic surgeon execute their beard and facial hair transplant procedure. We stand out greatly from other clinics for many reasons including:

  • Our qualifications and experience
  • Experts who are trained in facial and hair transplantation 
  • Capable of producing stunning FUE beard transplant outcomes 
  • Individualized therapy regimens tailored to each patients’ objectives 
  • Modern facility using cutting-edge technologies 
  • 5-star rating by prior patients 
  • Outstanding patient reviews 

These are just a few of the benefits we are proud to provide to our patients. As a result, our patients can be certain that they will not only be in good hands for their facial hair transplant, but that they will also be pleased with the outcomes.

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