How Soon Will You Be Able To Travel After You FUE in Miami?

September 16, 2023
September 16, 2023 hairtransplant

Can You Fly The Same Day As Your Miami FUE Procedure?

Plenty of our valued clients come to see us from around the country for FUE.

Miami is a world-renowned destination boasting exciting attractions, food, accommodations and sun. This makes it a great place to come and stay for a while, but for those whose busy schedules require them to fly in and out quickly, questions about post-procedure travel are important.

The answer is, yes, you can. In fact, you can leave immediately following the surgery and fly, drive or travel in whatever way suits you. Many people are surprised to hear this,but there are good reasons why this type of cosmetic surgery is safe for immediate travel.

You can go straight from the Nova Medical Hair Transplant to the airport because no general anesthetic is required for your treatment. In Miami, FUE (follicular unit extraction) is done with local numbing agents and very minimally invasive techniques. The reasons that many cosmetic procedures require a lengthy stay, activity restrictions and observation is that they require the patient to be put completely to sleep with a generalanesthetic, and they carry risks of bleeding or other complications.

The risk of blood clots in the legs is relatively low for most people but elevates slightly after a being under general anesthetic for a lengthy surgery. Aircraft pressure changes can exacerbate those risks. Again, this is not a concern for hair transplant clients.

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Tips To Stay Comfortable On The Plane

The only real concerns you may have regarding flying post procedure are direct contact on your scalp if you bump your head on the low overhead cabin structures,and your appearance as some swelling sets in. Reduced in-flight cabin pressure may negatively influence swelling so depending on the length of your flight, you might choose to wait a few days until the majority of swelling passes.

For the sake of comfort and de-stressing after an FUE procedure, we recommend our patients stay at one of our beautiful nearby hotels. A day or two to rest and the opportunity to come back in for a checkup before you go is better for your peace of mind than rushing out the door. When your schedule doesn’t allow this luxury, we’ll be sure to work with you providing all of the instructions and guidance you need to have a great trip.

We recommend that you take the pain medication offered to you. Sometimes people avoid taking analgesics because they feel it’s better to “tough it out,”but your trip can be far less comfortable without medication to take the edge off and help relieve swelling.
We also advise you to avoid alcohol. Though relaxing with a drink is a common comfort on flights, in this case,because it thins the blood you’ll be asking for trouble. You may bleed and have unforeseen issues with your transplant results if you drink alcohol too soon after. Talk with your surgeon about the best way to care for your health and comfort after surgery and how to stay safe while travelling.

When you’re ready to talk about next steps and make a plan for your own FUE transformation, give us a call at Nova Medical Hair Transplant. We’ll help you prepare for your optimal procedure and travel experience.


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