Is Heading Out Into The Miami Sun OK After A Hair Transplant?

At our clinic in Miami, hair transplant recovery is a hot topic.

That’s because what you do while your new grafts are healing can be just as important as selecting an expert hair transplant specialist. Because our exotic, subtropical location attracts many people who wish to vacation while undergoing cosmetic treatments, following instructions can be particularly relevant when it comes to UV rays. Read on to learn what you need to know about sun exposure after your procedure.

We know it’s tempting to try and combine a week or two off work with a beach vacation. That’s how many of us imagine the perfect downtime. However, any small injuries to the skin or swelling post-cosmetic procedure indicate you should be completely covered up and protected from those rays. Your skin containsmelanocytesdeep in the epidermis which produce melanin, a pigment that creates our skin tone and helps protect us from harmful UV light. Procedures like hair transplants disrupt this natural protection temporarily.

UV radiation can weaken your skin’s ability to shut outharmful bacteria as photodamage suppresses the immune system and makes that surface layer susceptible. Protecting your delicate new grafts and sensitive scalp from infection is one of the only things you need to doduring your easy Miami hair transplant recovery. You’ll be able to return to many regular activities with just a soft hat to cover up, but you must avoid pools, hot tubs, swimming in the ocean and even baths until your scalp is totally healed. Exposure to tanning and sun damage could prolong your healing process and increase risks unnecessarily.

Additionally, skin which is still a little inflamed may react to sunlight by producing a rash or discoloration. Ideally, you should wear a good sunblock on all areas exposed to the sun, but you can’t apply lotion to a recent hair transplant,so it’s best to wear a hat and stay in the shade.

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The other key reason to keep out of the sun for many months, (long after you’ve healed and you’re enjoying exciting new hair growth) is that scars- no matter how small- can darken in response to sun tanning. Scars are known to be sensitive to light, so while your donor and recipient sites are expected to heal nearly invisibly, tanning while the graft sites are still maturing the first year, might make them visible. After the first few months, you can bare your hair on a hot day, but slather on sunblock for any visible scalp areas.

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant , we advise patients to enjoy the cultural sites and brilliant nightlife our city has to offer, but if you plan to vacation a little after your treatment, you’ll need to keep sun protection top of mind.

If you have further questions about what a hair restoration surgery can do for you, we welcome you to contact us and schedule your consultation today. We look forward to helping you reveal your most confident self.

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