Top 5 myths circulating about hair restoration surgery

It’s a typical scenario: no sooner did you spark interest and excitement about the possibility of restored hair, then you found yourself swamped with misinformation on the quest to learn more. Various hair restoration websites and medical resources can be helpful to research possibilities, but they can also spread myths. Miami hair transplant procedures are ‘growing’ in popularity for excellent reasons.

There’s a lot to consider, but let’s not have you bogged down with false info. Here, we’ll bust the top 5 myths circulating about hair restoration surgery.

Myth 1: You’re better off having a hair transplant in Miami while you’re young

While this logic is on point for certain cosmetic procedures that ward off signs of ageing, when it comes to this procedure, this is not a good strategy. In most cases, waiting until middle aged will produce more effective results. For men, androgenic alopecia (hereditary hair loss) can start as early as the 20s. It’s often tempting to replace hair right away. Early patterns of shedding can be unpredictable and will progress at different rates for various people. Having a surgical restoration too soon could mean that further progression changes your results and necessitates additional procedures.

It’s easier for hair loss surgeons to assess your progress and future balding when you wait until you’re a bit older. Careful technique is utilized to blend naturally with existing hair and not appear out of place or fake.

Myth 2: Hair transplant scars will give away your secret

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant in Miami, we use the industry’s most advanced FUE methods to ensure virtually invisible scarring. Gone are the days when a transplant surgery meant long scalp incisions at the back of the head. Instead, hair follicles are removed one graft at a time, and the extractions leave only small dots under 1 mm in diameter. Expert, random placement throughout the donor area means after you’ve healed, even short or buzzed hairstyles won’t give you away.

Myth 3: The procedures are painful

We’re often asked about whether the surgery hurts. It’s a fair question since many elective, cosmetic procedures come with inevitable swelling, pain and downtime. The good news is, modern advancements have greatly minimized associated discomfort, scalp trauma, pain and recovery time. The process itself doesn’t hurt because the scalp is numbed with local anaesthetic. At our welcoming surgical center, we help patients relax and enjoy their treatment with TV or music to pass the time.

After you return home, for the first few days the sensation can be described as a mild sunburn.

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Myth 4: Recovering from hair loss surgery is rough

The incisions made for FUE are so superficial that they close within a few days and heal within roughly 1 week. There will be some visible swelling for the first 3-5 days, and you’ll need to keep the head protected from sun or unnecessary contact, so we’ll recommend you take 2 weeks off work.

A simple, short course of post-procedure antibiotics and scalp care regimen will be explained to you. You’ll be able to go straight home and resume most regular activity right away, but do pause your gym membership for a couple weeks and avoid swimming, baths or hot tubs until given the all-clear.

Myth 5: You can implant someone else’s hair if you’re nearly bald

Unfortunately, no. The transfer of living, growing hair follicles works because it’s an autologous procedure. We take only your hair from your own head and move it to a nearby location. Your body recognizes its own cells re-implanted and take rates are incredibly high.

The risk of rejection, infection or other issues would make implanting foreign material massively disappointing. Unfortunately, one of the requirements for a successful procedure is that you have enough of your own donor hair left to support redistribution of it.

If you have full, dense hair at the back and sides, but bald patches and a receding hairline at the crown, you’re likely a good candidate.

We welcome you to contact the experts at Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic in Miami. We’ll arrange your personal consultation to learn about your hair loss and when the best time might be for you to proceed with revitalizing your hair. We look forward to hearing from you.

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