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There was once a time when people kept (or attempted to keep) their hair transplant procedures secret. Social stigma made it embarrassing to talk about, and due to cost, the procedures weren’t as accessible to everyday folks.

In Miami, hair transplant procedures today have none of the stigma or obscurity attached to them. Even the tell-tale surgical scars and obvious plug appearances are gone so that men and women aren’t ashamed to say they’ve restored their hair. Just because the procedure is more common and more effective than ever, doesn’t mean that everyone is a good candidate, unfortunately. There are some credentials and criteria you must meet if you expect to get the most from modern procedures.

Who makes a good candidate for hair transplant in Miami?

1.Hair color matters

Studies are finding that hair transplants are often more successful for lighter haired people. Rather than a particular feature of pale hair, this relates to the lack of contrast between strands and scalp. The same effect can benefit darker skinned patients.

The eye is drawn to high color contrast so an individual with a pale scalp and dark hair will have the hardest time hiding their thinning. It’s easier to distribute follicular grafts in a way that provides the illusion of full coverage if your hair and scalp tone are similar.

2. Hair shape and texture matters

The appearance of thinning at the hairline and crown is more notable where scalp can be easily seen, but this is reduced in the presence of curly, kinky or wavy hair. Afro-Caribbean hair often provides excellent coverage as the texture blocks light from the scalp. That means fewer viable grafts will be needed to give the same amount of visible coverage.

3. Flexible scalp skin helps.

Certainly, if you plan to have an FUT (strip method) transplant, but also for any type of restoration, the give of your scalp tissue allows for a high number of grafts to be comfortably and safely transplanted.

4. You should be cleared of any scalp or dermatological disease

A healthy scalp, good immunity and circulation are essential to fast healing, and high graft take rates.

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5. Your hair loss should be genetic and predictable, not temporary, sudden or related to illness

Androgenic alopecia is the most common reason for seeking hair restoration. In men, the pattern this typically follows gives rise to the nickname, ‘male pattern baldness’.
Certain medications, illnesses, malnutrition, stress or other health concerns may also cause temporary hair fallout, and surgery will not be the appropriate treatment.

6. You must expect to spend significant money

For many people, the cost of a full transplant will be very high. There are medical financing companies which can help offset the expense with convenient payment plans. It’s critical to consider the value of your care, the clinic you choose, your surgeon’s experience and expected results. Looking for the cheapest deal is tempting but not advised.

7. Are you prepared to be patient?

You may see instant results in celebrities or media and get the impression that a hair transplant in Miami will be a fast fix. Can it provide dramatic, permanent hair restoration? Absolutely! Can it happen overnight? Sadly, no. Your body has biological processes that take their time and can’t be rushed. You’ll see new hairs sprouting after a few months, then fuller, significant growth by 8-9 months, and final outcomes at 12 months. If you’re prepared for the wait, it won’t seem as frustrating. The long-term results are well worth it, and before you know it, you’ll have your youthful style back and enjoy new-found confidence.

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