The Characteristics of a Natural Looking Hairline

Have you seen exceptional Miami Beach hair transplant results and wondered what made the hairline look so natural? It’s not luck. A well-executed hair transplant involves careful planning, in-depth knowledge and artistry. What’s the secret to a natural hairline?

Choosing an experienced hair restoration expert is an essential first step toward results you’ll love. Review their before and after photos and ask them how they achieve a natural hairline.

1. Variation in the edges

Miami Beach hair transplant experts suggest that a hairline should undulate, with indents and outward projections all along its edge. The gently curved shape should have individual hairs diverging from the edge by a few millimeters in a randomized way.

2. Random distribution

At a glance, your hairline may appear reasonably even, and uniform, but up close ( where people can typically see evidence of a hair transplant) should show the hairs are spaced and placed somewhat randomly. Just like a natural growth forest, random hairs appear natural, whereas neat rows of hairs look as fake as rows of planted trees. Hairs grow in groups of one, two, and three follicles at a time. Miami Beach hair transplant surgeons endeavour to reconstruct a hairline with the variated groupings of follicles in units and the addition of single hairs placed artfully along a softened edge.

3. Strand variation

The thickness of each hair should vary somewhat. This fine detail makes a world of difference under close inspection. Coarse, thick hairs shouldn’t be taken from one donor zone and placed together in the recipient zone. Your anterior and temporal scalp/hairline regions must contain fine, delicate hairs compared with the thicker hairs found in the center and denser areas.

4. Density

The natural graduation of hair density thickens as you retreat farther back from the hairline. The front, initial rows should contain individual hairs spaced relatively far apart. They should be thinner strands. The subtle reduction of space between follicles must be expertly achieved, otherwise a blunt, hard-edged and unnatural hairline results.

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5. Island hairs

These are sparsely scattered random implants of one or two hairs placed in ways unrelated to the hairline. These individual units can be remnants of the original hairline. They keep the transplant from appearing overly planned or uniform and provide the authentic, finishing touch on a realistic result.

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A significant number of men and women watch their hairline recede and wish there was something safe, effective and permanent they could do. The methods for restoring hair through FUE surgery have advanced so impressively that results are not only stunningly natural, they’re fast too. You can recover from your hair transplant within roughly one week and go on to enjoy a restored head of hair for a lifetime.

Come see how the experts make hair transplants look just like the hair you were born with. Call for your private consultation today.

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