Can you cut and style transplanted hair?

Yes! One of the most exciting selling points for a hair transplant in Miami is that it redistributes your real, growing hair back to where you want it. Once you’ve healed, that hair is cuttable, stylable, brushable and strong. So, when can you pass that milestone and visit the hairdresser after your procedure?

Here we’ll provide a guide, so you know what to expect and how to prepare for that initial barber visit.

How long does it take for hair to grow after a hair transplant in Miami?

For the first few weeks post-procedure, your focus will be on caring for the delicate new grafts, healing and protecting the area. While it’s true that today’s advanced hair transplants see people “healed” within only a week or two, that doesn’t mean that their hair appears transformed in that time. In fact, it’s quite normal for transplanted hairs to fall out by roughly 4 weeks. The grafted follicles remain strong and healthy, and new hairs soon grow in place of the previous ones. For the initial weeks, your hair specialist will advise you about protection for grafts and scalp.

By roughly 1-month post-procedure, any scabs should be gone, and the tiny incisions will be completely healed. At this point, it’s usually permitted to visit the hairdresser, though your new hairs won’t be appearing yet, your native hair still needs to be kept presentable.

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One of the reasons people love FUE hair transplants in Miami is that there is virtually no visible scar left on the scalp after. Because we avoid the linear strip scar using the FUE approach, patients can wear their hair short and not reveal that they’ve had a procedure. You can even buzz your head!

Once your new hair begins to fill in starting 3 to 4 months post-op, you may find the texture and nature of it unusual. Hairs can stick straight up, appear thin, or be difficult to style. Try to be patient and keep in mind that hair doesn’t fully mature until closer to 9 months.

Tips for your stylist- Do let them know if your scalp still feels sensitive when you head to the salon. It’s not unusual for nerves in the scalp to require many months to heal. Additionally, temporary numbness may mean that you don’t feel heat and cold well, so they should avoid extreme temperatures. Don’t hesitate to ask them to be gentle and share the fact of your transplant procedure. Chances are they see many hair restoration patients, and this will not be unusual to them, but it will help them provide you with more comfortable and satisfying service.

If you’re considering a procedure to treat hair loss, we welcome you to contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic. We look forward to helping you get your hair and confidence back.

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