Which Foods Are Good for Healthy Hair

The notion that you are what you eat has become cliché, yet the truth of it is evidenced in your hair. Nova Medical Hair Transplant Miami promotes health and beauty combined, to help each of our clients live their best life and love how they look. A variety of dietary nutrients will create healthy hair. A well-balanced diet is meant to include macronutrients, minerals and vitamins. The amino acids in protein form building blocks for healthy cells and both your skin and hair can show signs of not getting enough. Feeding your scalp and follicles doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are 5 of our top hair nutrients you can get on your plate today.


People who come to see us regarding hair transplant in Miami are sometimes experiencing a temporary form of hair thinning due to malnutrition. If you don’t consume much protein, your hair can thin and even shed.

Hairs are mostly composed of natural proteins, therefore eating plenty can help you boost growth. You can add fish, lean meat, eggs, lentils and beans to your diet. Some items like salmon also contain multiple hair support nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, iron and B-12.

Gluten-free if you have a sensitivity

Gluten is a protein in many grains. As many as 1 in 133 Americans claim to have an allergy or sensitivity to gluten, which in turn, impairs absorption of other nutrients. Celiac Disease causes inflammation which inhibits the small intestine from absorbing what you need to thrive.

Here’s what you can have if you decide to go gluten-free: Corn, cornmeal, rice, lentils and potatoes.


Some vitamins are better than others for boosting hair growth. You may benefit from increasing Vitamin E to promote healthy blood flow and oxygen to the follicles. Vitamin C promotes circulation and is a powerful antioxidant. Biotin improves the overall health of your hair with less thinning or shedding.

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Zinc helps your body to balance hormone production and assists with vitamin absorption. Researchers also believe zinc may help to limit DHT production, which is implicated in genetic, progressive hair loss. Magnesium helps to regulate chemical processes in your body, like heart rate and muscle function. It’s critical for hair growth, but many people have a deficiency. Shop for food like fish (halibut), soybeans, cashews, almonds, and dark green veggies like spinach.

Iron is essential for your hair. Luckily, getting more in your diet isn’t difficult. Add eggs, liver, salmon, dried fruit and legumes. Ask your physician for a quality supplement if you prefer.


Silica is a trace mineral, but we’ll list it separately because it’s typically taken in a liquid supplement form. You only need a small amount, but it’s essential for the health of your skin and scalp. It improves blood flow and is a necessary element of your skin’s connective tissue, bones and hair. Check with your doctor for the right formulation and dose.

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Sometimes, despite healthy hair care and diet, pattern hair loss progresses due to genetic influences beyond our control. There are effective and permanent solutions to restore hair. Come talk to our experienced hair restoration specialists and make a plan to keep and grow your hair.

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