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Questions to ask your hair transplan specialist

When you visit the hair restoration clinic, will you know what to ask?

All the information available online today can be a little overwhelming, and sometimes people are so saturated with questions and info that they have a hard time keeping track of their essential questions. We’ve provided a checklist to make things a little easier for you when you sit down with your specialist to plan your treatment.

1. Before you even book your appointment- read this! A hair transplant is a big decision. The techniques used today are designed to make recovery fast and even scarless, but it’s not an insignificant procedure, so you must have clear communication, and confidence in your surgeon. When you schedule your consultation, ask that you’ll be meeting with the operating surgeon in person, and not a representative. It’s reasonable to fill out paperwork and plan surgical bookings with coordinators, but that critical first appointment should allow you to meet, be examined by, and learn from the surgeon themselves.

2. Experience- You’ll need to inquire about the amount of knowledge and training your surgeon has. Their credentials should include surgical board certification, but hands-on procedure experience should be extensive as well.

3. This can be verified before your appointment, but double check that the surgeon is fully licenced and ask what boards and professional organizations they belong to. Many plastic surgeons have operating privileges and partnerships with local hospitals and facilities. They may belong to professional forums or have specific, high-level training in their specialization fields.

4. Ask to see before and after photos of their work and discuss the creation of realistic hairlines in detail. It takes advanced skill and artistry to plan and create natural-looking hairlines with all their variance and random character. The surgeon should explain how they will do this for you.

5. Ask about accreditation and equipment in the surgical facility if it’s a private one. All staff should be licenced, and you can ask to take a tour to see that the space is fully equipped and clean.

6. Ask whether you’re a good candidate and why. Certain factors make someone a good candidate including the severity and progression of their hair loss, along with the density of remaining, donor hair. A hair transplant in Miami is not typically recommended for those who are very young or who have severe balding.

7. Ask about the percentage of transected hair grafts (follicular transection rate or FTR) using their preferred methods. The number of damaged or non-viable follicles in a single session should be minimal. Modern FUE devices are designed to reduce the loss of valuable grafts.

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8. A professional clinic will have well-trained staff members who can not only answer your questions but ensure you feel valued, listened to and well-cared for. There’s no need for high-pressure sales, and you should never feel pushed to make a decision.

9. Ask for a comprehensive quote and help to interpret it if necessary. You should see the number of grafts recommended (each typically contains a few hairs) and the total cost including medications and appointments. You can compare your quote with those from other surgeons, but make sure there aren’t any hidden or unmentioned fees that throw off the value. Beware of “deals” that sound too good to be true. A reputable, well- equipped and experienced practice will charge substantial prices that are well worth the higher end results.

10. Ask about what you can expect from your recovery and final outcome. An experienced and ethical surgeon will let you know honestly how much you can improve and enhance your appearance, as well as what can not be achieved. Usually, significant filling and restored density can be obtained. However, the thick hairline of your 20-year-old self will not be a realistic goal. The more you and your surgeon ensure you’re on the same page, the more satisfied you’ll be and truly love your results.

If you have more questions, the team at Nova Medical Hair Transplant Miami will be happy to guide you and help you plan the next steps.

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