What Are You Dying to Ask?

If you’re curious about hair transplant surgery but feeling a little too self-conscious to ask questions, we understand.

We meet people just like you each day who have important and personal concerns regarding this popular procedure, but they’ve hesitated to ask because they were embarrassed about their hair loss or about the nature of their issues. Chances are, your Miami hair transplant surgeon has heard all the questions you’ve thought of,and many you haven’t. Today, we’re going to beat you to it and answer a few.

“Will It Hurt”?

This common question is a fair one. There are few invasive, surgical procedures that can claim to be completely pain-free. Any time we break the skin, there is a natural inflammatory process and healing cascade taking place. Your brain registers the damage and lets you know. It’s realistic to expect some discomfort, but learning more about the exact nature of the process and recovery will help make it less intimidating and more manageable.

Pain tolerance is subjective, but most of our patients say the process is tolerable. The scalp will be completely numb with local anesthetic during your procedure,andyou’ll feel nothing at all until it wears off. FUT, also known as the strip method, requires an incision at the back of the head that will be sutured shut. This takes roughly two weeks to heal and can be a source of irritation and sensitivity for a few weeks. The swelling that appears after your procedure will peak around day 2-3 and resolve fairly quickly. Post-procedure scalp sensitivity is often compared with a sunburn. You’ll be given instructions to rinse and protect your scalp plus a prescription for pain medication if you need it. The procedure is relatively painless compared to many other cosmetic treatments.

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“How Much Will My Hair Transplant Cost?”

This question requires an in-person consultation or two. Unfortunately, trying to gauge how much you’ll be quoted by reading advice online could be misleading. Miami hair transplant surgery is somewhat pricey. This is important to note: if you see a dramatically lower price offered at one clinic than all the others, be highly suspicious. There is no such thing as cheap, safe and effective hair transplant surgery.

You’ll see some very low quotes thrown around, often in cosmetic surgery tourism destinations like Turkey. There are many corners cut on safety and quality of medical care, not to mention the inability to maintain contact with your surgeon afterward. In many of these low-price cases, you won’t even have a surgeon but a tech with minimal training and no medical licence.

Steer clear of cheap deals, but do ask your surgeon during the consultation which method will give you the best results. For some, FUT (the strip method) will allow the most hairs to be transplanted and their goals better met. FUT is also a little less expensive. FUE is very popular and costs slightly more per graft because of the time consuming, tedious nature of it. The volume of grafts transferred with this technique is a little less per session,and the donor hair must be dense enough to support it.

“Can You Transplant Hairs To The Face In A Beard Or Eyebrows?”

The answer is yes, and FUE hair transplant methods are also very effective for filling in scars on the scalp or on the hair-growing regions of the face.

“Are Miami Hair Transplants for Women Too?”

Female-pattern hair loss affects an estimated 50% of all women in their lifetime. Their pattern of thinning is more diffuse, and it can be more challenging to treat with a hair transplant. There are options, however, and FUT or FUE works well for many women. Non-surgical choices such as Rogaine are also FDA approved for females and can be effective to slow hair loss.

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic , we want you to feel comfortable asking questions and gathering all the information you need to make an informed decision. We’re here to answer your questions and make recommendations that can help you get your confidence back. Call us today to schedule your private consultation.

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