Should You Consider Hair Transplant Surgery?

Male pattern baldness is common. So much so that many guys start to notice thinning as early as their 20s. The condition can be challenging to diagnose because everyone presents a unique case. Not everybody who sheds hair needs a hair transplant in Miami. Some men note a little receding at the hairline, and it doesn’t progress much further.

A majority of maleswill experience hair loss at some point in their lives, and many begin checking their hairline nervously as soon as they start to see a few extra hairs on the pillow or comb. Being proactive can help you hold on to the hair you have and plan for future loss.

What are the signs you can watch for to tell you if you should consider hair transplant surgery? Read on to find out.

1. Changes To The Hairline

Often hair around the temples will get thinner first, and the hairline will move back slightly. This makes the forehead appear larger. It’s generally a slow process but looking at yourself in photos, year by year; you’ll be able to note the change.

2. Losing Hair At The Crown? Hair Transplant in Miami Replaces It

When you part your hair, and there is more scalp or a wider gap than before, you can be sure you’re seeing crown thinning. Some people will naturally shed in this area during midlife, but it won’t progress to full baldness. A review of your family history can help you understand the likelihood of complete hair loss.

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Ways To Encourage Hair Growth

3. Is Your Hair More Difficult to Style?

When you’ve lost enough hair density at the top of your head, the way it moves and falls will be different. Using more products to perk up the hair doesn’t always help because heavy products can weigh the hair down.

4. You Notice Extra Hairs in The Shower or Laying Around Your Home

It’s normal to lose around 150 hairs per day, but if enough hairs are falling out that they seem to be everywhere, you may be shedding more.

5. You Have Become More Prone to Sunburn

It’s an unexpected change for many people who never had to worry about their scalp burning when their hair was thick and full. As more scalp becomes visible through sparse strands, you could find a day out in the sun leaves you with tender, reddened skin on your head. In particular, Miami hair transplant patients often spend time outdoors in the sun, and this is one of the first changes they notice.

No matter what stage you are at, or even if you’re not sure whether your hair is falling out, our hair experts will be happy to meet with you and help figure it out. There are a variety of both surgical and non-invasive ways to encourage hair growth and help slow down or halt the process of hair loss. Getting an in-person exam will go a long way to determining your options. Contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today and let’s get started on a plan.

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