Choosing Your Restoration Surgeon

Hair transplants in Miami Beach are on the rise, but you might not be able to tell. That’s because today’s medical technology for hair restoration has become so efficient and natural-looking that people can turn back the clock on their hair, flawlessly.

With the uptick in demand, many hair transplant technicians have begun to advertise their services, and a confusing variety of surgeons, techs and non-licenced personnel now share the market. That means the average man or women looking for safe, expert hair transplant in Miami Beach may have a hard time determining who the best practitioner is for them.

Unfortunately, choosing an inexperienced or unlicensed clinic for your hair transplant can lead to disappointing results. We’re going to tell you how to avoid some mistakes when it comes to caring for your hair and choosing your restoration surgeon.

1. First, Don’t Damage Your Remaining Hair

Androgenic alopecia, otherwise known as pattern baldness, is the leading reason for men to see us about hair transplant in Miami Beach. There are some other causes of hair loss that may be overlooked, however. For women, in particular, traction alopecia, caused by tight braids and additionalconsistent tension on the hair, can lead to follicle damage and permanent baldness. If you’ve noted thinning or a receding hairline, the first thing you must do is relieve pressure from your scalp and avoid pulling more hair out.

2. Don’t Skip The Research

Hair transplantation surgery is a significant financial investment. It’s quite reasonable to ask questions about a practitioner’s education, certification and specific experience. The surgical facility where your proposed treatment will take place must be fully accredited, equipped and safe. You should be able to see a track record of excellent results with your surgeon. You can obtain all the information you need to feel confident that you’re well-informed before proceeding. Don’t rush- this is a big decision, and you’ll want to do it right, so you love your results.

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3. Don’t Wait Too Long for Assessment

Some of the more effective hair restoration options require active follicles to work. Even if your hairs and follicles are shrinking, getting to an expert for a physical examination and planning is better done sooner than later. That doesn’t mean that your first step will necessarily be a transplant procedure, but intervening early may ultimately make your transplant a success.

4. Don’t Have A Hair Transplant Too Soon

Conversely, jumping into a hair transplant surgery when you first notice thinning, or receding can be a mistake. Especially if you happen to choose an inexperienced practitioner, replacing hair when you first lose some could lead to unpredictable results. Pattern baldness is progressive and will inevitably lead to more hairs falling out over time. It’s generally recommended that you wait and see how far and fast hair loss will move before planning to redistribute DHT resistant hairs. A reputable hair transplant surgeon will plan for future loss as well and create a plan that will look good 5 or 10 years later.

5. Don’t Overlook Credentials To Save Money

Travel plastic surgery and overseas destinations for hair transplant are common today. Everyone prefers to save money when possible and low rates advertised for a whole new head of hair can be tempting, but this is an area where cutting corners can be disastrous. Seeking a qualified, experienced professional means expecting to pay more for your transformation at the outset, however, in the long run, the natural-looking, well-planned results you hope for will be well worth your investment. A transplant procedure done improperly can wind up appearing fake, scarred or even squander the limited supply of viable grafts you have available. Consider your hairs as a precious commodity and only see the best in the industry for your restoration.

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