The Pros And Cons of Miami Hair Transplant

When considering a hair transplant in Miami, much research takes place before you ever set foot in the clinic of your choice. Which hair surgeon is best for you? Do you understand the pros and cons of your procedure? Do you know what type of hair transplant method you’ll choose, and what the cost will be? Luckily, a consultation appointment is designed to answer all these questions and more. Planning can feel a little overwhelming, so we put together this helpful list of items to remember.

1. Before you even head to your Miami hair transplant clinic, ask if you’ll be meeting with your operating surgeon. Ideally, spending time directly with your surgeon will ensure they assess and plan treatment to suit you and that you can familiarize yourself with the person who will perform your procedure.

2. Ask about your surgeon’s experience. Don’t be shy- you need to know that you will be putting your health and safety in the hands of a professional with extensive training and expertise.

3. Check that your surgeon has a licence with no restrictions and full board certification in their state.

4. Ask how they create a realistic hairline. Your surgeon should have an artistic and precise method of implanting hairs at a realistic direction, density and angle. A hairline is imperfect and irregular. The subtleties of executing this come from experience.

5. Ask about who will be assisting with your procedure and what licencing or training they have. You can also ask to see the surgical setting where your session will take place. The clinic should be accredited to ensure you of your safety.

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6. Ask whether you are a good candidate. Many people are under the impression that everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant in Miami, but that’s not necessarily the case. The donor hair you have available and your pattern or progression of hair loss directly affect your potential outcomes. When surgical intervention isn’t advised, several alternative treatments work well and create desirable results.

7. Ask to see before and after photos. Most clinics will keep extensive photographic records of their work so you can get a very good idea of what to expect.

8. Ask about the pros and cons. A reputable surgeon will be happy to tell you about the risks and drawbacks of any procedure, along with the positives. Hair transplant surgery is more popular than ever with thousands of satisfied patients each year. It is not without risks, however, so it’s essential that you know them. You and your surgeon will work together to minimize potential problems.

9. Ask about your expected timeline for recovery. It would help if you got an honest overview of the time you’ll need off work, and how much time must pass before you see your new hair growing in. The results from a hair restoration can be dramatic and impressive, but they are not instant. You can count on several months to see your full, new growth.

10. Ask for your quote, though it’s unlikely a clinic would let you leave without one. Do request explanation of the items and costs listed, and ask if they offer medical financing to help offset payments.

Never hesitate to ask for clarification or about any aspect of the procedure that concerns you. A great hair transplant surgeon wants their client to feel completely at ease and to be well-informed. When you’re ready to talk about the details of your own procedure, you’re invited to contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic in Miami.

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