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It is natural to wonder if you are a good candidate for hair regrowth procedure.

Ideal Hair Regrowth Candidates

Many people interested in a hair transplant wonder if they are good candidates for the procedure.

While it’s common to believe anyone, no matter how much hair they have, ( or don’t have) can restore a full head of not always true. Miami hair regrowth candidates must fit within some broad criteria to get the most out of today’s transplant technology. While dramatic restoration is possible for many, your personal procedure method and realistic targets could be as unique as you.

Hair loss also referred to as alopecia, is a widespread concern in our society, as approximately two-thirds of men experience some degree of thinning or balding by the age of 50. Upwards of 50% of women are also impacted by this condition, which can take a terrible toll on one’s self-esteem, since a full head of hair is often viewed as synonymous with vitality, youth, and beauty. Thus, hair loss negatively affects the personal and professional success of both men and women and may limit their career opportunities or result in social difficulties. Luckily, balding can now be reversed, enabling patients to regrow a beautiful, lush head of hair.

Although both men and women have trouble with losing hair, in most cases, this condition is more noticeable for men than women. This is because hair loss impacts men and women in different ways. Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a common type of hereditary balding affecting men. It’s characterized by a receding hairline and a reduction in hair growth at the crown and frontal scalp. Women can also experience female pattern baldness, however, more often, females see diffuse hair loss, with thinning throughout the head, including the back and sides. The best hair regrowth candidates in Miami are typically men because they have more hair on the back and the sides, where hair grafts come from, and it can be easier to place them on visible, bald areas. However, women who experience a receding hairline or begin to thin at the grown are also suitable candidates for a hair transplant.

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Male Hair Regrowth Candidates

Although some women are candidates for a hair transplant, experts estimate that only 2-5% of women are well suited to this procedure.

However, women who experience other forms of permanent hair loss, including Cicatricial alopecia, may be eligible for this procedure. This condition, which is often a result of illnesses such as lupus, occurs when the hair follicle is inflamed or scarred, preventing new hair growth. Scarring alopecia or baldness, caused by burns or trauma, can also be addressed with a hair transplant. Additionally, women with traction alopecia, related to excessive hair pulling or styling, can also benefit from FUE hair regrowth systems including SmartGraft.

Ethnicity Factor

One’s ethnicity may play a part in their candidacy for a Miami hair regrowth procedure.

The density of the hair in the donor site impacts the efficacy of a hair transplant procedure because the number of hair follicles present determines how many strands can be safely harvested during the session. Thus, ethnicity plays an important role, because the technician must assess the condition of the hair, including whether it is thin, straight, coarse or wavy. Individuals of European descent typically have the most hair follicles, followed by Asians, and African-Americans. When hair shaft distribution is already quite diffuse, a limited amount can be harvested before visible spaces appear.

In addition to gender or ethnicity, age plays a vital role in determining your candidacy for a hair transplant. Patients who’ve experienced hair loss for at least five years are ideal Miami hair regrowth candidates. This procedure isn’t recommended for very young people just beginning to thin. It’s best to undergo a restoration once natural hair loss has formed a predictable pattern to ensure that hair grafts are distributed adequately on the head.

Ideal candidates for this procedure are men and women who feel that their thinning or balding hair ages them or negatively impacts their self-esteem. Many people interested in hair regrowth in Miami are busy professionals, CEOs, and A-list celebrities who are eager to stay competitive in their industry and hope to achieve natural-looking results without the need for a lengthy recovery period. An FUE hair transplant can enable patients to appear refreshed and rejuvenated, boosting their self-esteem and confidence levels, without letting anyone know they had help.

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Who are the IdealCandidates?

Men and women with all hair types and colors are suitable candidates for the minimally invasive SmartGraft FUE procedure.

Most of the clients that visit our state-of-the-art facility are ideal for treatment, regardless of whether they have advanced hair loss or just hope to add volume to areas of the scalp where their hair is thinning. Individuals who are in good overall health and maintain a healthy lifestyle will significantly benefit from this technique which results in minimal downtime and no no visible scarring

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Other Candidate Types

The advanced technique for hair transplants used at Miami Hair Transplant Clinic is also suitable for those who hope to correct scarring resulting from previous surgeries.

While FUE boasts a 90% success rate, ideal candidates for this option must have realistic expectations since there is a slight chance that their hair loss may progress following the treatment. Successfully reversing balding requires a sufficient supply of hair from the donor site(s), which is why it’s necessary for the specialist to evaluate your hair’s density at the back and sides of the head during your consultation. We assess each patient individually to determine whether their goals can realistically be met with this procedure, then establish a clear and effective treatment plan.

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FUE Hair Transplant Technology

Leading edge FUE devices

Miami Hair Transplant Clinic specializes in the most revolutionary hair transplant procedure technology, known as FUE or, follicular unit extraction. SmartGraft® robotic technology is designed to carefully extract micro-hair grafts and keep more individual hair grafts viable for implantation and successful growth. It does not involve the use of scalpels and therefore, no stitches or staples are required. The procedure itself is quick and efficient, requiring minimal downtime and delivering permanent results.

Find out if you are a prime candidate for our state-of-the-art hair transplant FUE at our Miami Transplant Clinic.

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Hair Transplant Satisfaction

Patients who have experienced hair loss for many years are typically the most satisfied with the results of their hair transplant.

If you’re fed up with expending time and effort on temporary solutions and gimmicky hair loss products, and you’re looking for a permanent solution to shedding, you may be an excellent Miami hair regrowth candidate.

Suitable candidates must be willing to adhere to some simple guidelines following the transplant to maintain the results. For example, it’s necessary to reduce your use of heat styling devices and to avoid products containing harsh ingredients like sulfates and parabens. Swimming pools and hot tubs should also be avoided until your scalp has sufficiently healed to reduce the risk of infection. In most cases, patients can resume their regular fitness and sports regimen within a week of the procedure, so the recovery time passes quickly and is not terribly inconvenient.

To learn more about this permanent and effective hair growth solution, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our hair specialists at the Miami Hair Transplant Clinic to restore both your hairline and confidence.

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Hair Transplant Process

The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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