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FUE Hair Implants – results timeline

One of the first questions those seeking hair implants in Miami ask is, when will the results be visible?

For your convenience, below we’ve provided a timeline for FUE hair replacement so that you can be informed and prepared for a great experience.

The hair on our heads often plays a vital role in our sense of identity, especially given the importance our society places on having a healthy head of hair. In a metropolitan location populated with health and beauty-conscious individuals, hair loss is often a troubling issue for both men and women as young as 20. In sunny Florida, hair loss is incredibly common, as it is estimated that 2 out of every 3 men will experience shedding or balding in their lifetime and as many as 50% of women experience some degree of hair thinning. Because thick hair tends to be associated with traits such as masculinity, health, and youth, male pattern baldness often creates barriers for self-esteem and may even impact a man’s personal or professional success.

Although past surgical hair treatment options often promised to provide a cure for hair loss, they were unable to fulfill their promises fully and often delivered results that were both disappointing and lackluster. Also, they created a noticeable scar at the back of the head, which was a telltale sign of surgery. To make matters worse, older hair transplant surgery options also necessitated a long and uncomfortable recovery period, which made the procedure very inconvenient for the average busy professional.

Luckily, recent advancements in hair transplant technology have led to the development of SmartGraft®, which is a precision, technologically advanced Follicular Unit Extraction device that offers permanent and natural looking results. Our hair transplant clinic is proud to utilize SmartGraft®, as it is an incredibly effective yet minimally invasive hair restoration procedure. If you’re interested in undergoing a Miami hair implant procedure to reverse hair loss to restore both your hairline and confidence, you are likely wondering how long it will take to see your desired results.

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How long does a hair replacement procedure take?

Although the length of the procedure will vary depending on the patients’ needs, in most cases, this treatment lasts between 5 and 6 hours, as the technician must meticulously harvest individual hair grafts with the Smart Handpiece. Because we utilize cutting-edge SmartGraft® technology, this procedure is now faster than ever and results in a much higher “take” rate thanks to our careful handling of hair grafts throughout the process. In fact, using SmartGraft®, hair implants in Miami can now be completed 33% faster than alternative FUE devices. The superior speed of our procedure also increases the survival rate of the hair grafts, as the wait time before the follicles are implanted is considerably shorter. Patients are kept comfortable throughout the session and can relax by watching television or listening to music. Some even describe their transplant day as feeling like a relaxing trip to the spa.

Because donor follicles are typically taken from the back or sides of the head, they tend to be resistant to DHT which means that they are more likely to survive once they’re grafted in. Although patients can expect a dramatic transformation, it’s important to recognize that patience is required since the hair must first go through the natural hair growth cycle and some shedding is expected.


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When is it the right time to seek treatment?

Many patients who suffer from male pattern hair loss ask when it’s appropriate to seek treatment for their condition. Since male hair loss tends to be gradually progressive, and often begins to develop when men are in their twenties, most patients do not initially see a hair transplant as the best solution. Instead, they try out many gimmicky hair loss cures or medications, which may be ineffective or result in unpleasant side effects. However, patients who are ready for a safe, effective and permanent solution should be aware that a hair restoration procedure is an optimal solution and long-term investment.

An FUE transplant is suitable for patients whose hair has just started to thin as well as those who have a receding hairline or bald spots. This micro-surgery is appropriate for patients of all ages and most commonly performed on men, as 25% of males notice thinning hair in their twenties and 30’s, and two-thirds of men are balding or bald by the time they reach 60. SmartGraft® is an ideal solution for men who prefer to wear their hair short, as it will not lead to visible scarring on the scalp.

How Long?

FUE Timeline

Day 1-2

Immediately following your treatment, the healing process will begin. The human body heals rapidly from micro-incisions made carefully in the scalp. The next morning, the protective gauze can be removed from the donor area. Although patients may experience minor blood spotting, scabbing or swelling, these symptoms should not cause concern as they are an expected and temporary part of the healing process. It’s crucial to avoid applying direct pressure to the transplant areas, so they heal and follicles ‘take’ where they are grafted.

Day 3-7

Some swelling may persist three days following your procedure; however, it will dissipate within 5-7 days. During this time, patients can safely wash their hair provided that they are gentle and use a spray on shampoo.

Day 7-14

To ensure that the majority of the transplanted grafts successfully take root, it’s imperative that you don’t apply direct pressure to the scalp or disturb any scabs that develop. Small crusts are a regular part of the healing process and will gradually slough off once the hair is washed. Swimming and hot tubs should be avoided until the micro-incision sites are sufficiently healed to prevent exposure to bacteria.

Wk. 2-6

Although Miami hair implants will yield natural-looking results, the hair must first go through the natural hair growth cycle. As a result, before the final result is visible, patients should expect some shedding to occur for approximately two to six weeks. This is because once the hair reaches the intermediate phase, its roots collapse, which frequently results in hair fall out. However, because this is a natural part of the hair growth cycle, it should not be viewed as a cause for concern. The hair will then transition from the Catagen stage to the Telogen stage, also referred to as the resting stage, which may cause additional shedding. In most cases, patients begin to see new hair growth within three months of the procedure.

3-6 Mths.

After approximately three months, most patients see new hair growth, as their hair enters the Anagen phase. Although these new hairs may initially have a slightly different texture or growth direction, over time, it will blend with your natural hair. Thus, it is crucial to be patient throughout the process and understand that it takes considerable time before the final results are visible.

9-14 Mths.

Although some hair growth will be evident as early as three months after your procedure, it often takes 9-14 months to see the final outcome of your Miami hair implants.

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Are hair implants / transplants results long lasting?

Transplant results require patience throughout the first year, but our clients say their restored hair is well worth it!

SmartGraft® hair implant results are both long-lasting and completely natural-looking for a few reasons. Because the genetic characteristics of hair extracted at the donor site make it resistant to DHT, these follicles are less susceptible to shedding and robust. Even when implanted in a previously thin or hairless area, the hairs tend to stay and grow with an impressive 90% take rate. As well, the SmartGraft system protects and nourishes each and every valuable graft so that patients get the most from their investment- literally. More hair grafts will survive where implanted when advanced methods are utilized. Our patients see results with their own eyes and experience a surge in confidence and self-esteem. At the Miami Hair Transplant Clinic, powerfully effective hair implant/transplant surgery transforms lives. People who have watched helplessly as their hair recedes can restore hope and take back control using SmartGraft.

Although androgenic alopecia, (male pattern baldness) is progressive and permanent, your DNA doesn’t have the final say. We’re changing the story for people with hair loss at the Miami Hair Transplant Clinic. Through restoration of their own real growing hair, our clients achieve natural-looking and permanent results. No more gimmicks, no more temporary solutions. SmartGraft® hair transplant system can be personalized for you and help you get your hair back.

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How long should you wait before the next procedure?

Because our advanced hair restoration systems permanently restore hair with an over 90% effectiveness rate, often, one session is enough to see dramatic results. In some cases, clients choose to add density to build on a hair transformation, and they can do so in one year. Additional treatments on separate scalp areas can be booked as soon as 4-6 months for optimal hair growth. Many people who’ve undergone a traditional strip transplant will return for an FUE session once the scar is healed and completely fill it in with healthy hair follicles – effectively erasing scars and any sign of surgery.

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