Why Is There Scarring After A FUE in Miami?

Recovering From Your FUE Hair Transplant

Scarring After A FUE in Miami

You may have heard that FUE in Miami is scar-free. This modern, natural-looking approach to hair transplantation is often touted as a scarless approach, simply because it doesn’t result in the long, noticeable FUT scar from older methods. Follicular unit extraction has advanced to the point that the tiny incisions it creates are less than 1 mm in diameter. It’s minimally invasive, yet still a surgical procedure, and still results in scars, however small. Miami FUE experts are typically able to minimize the visibility of scarring through careful technique and rapid, safe healing strategies. You and your surgeon will both have a role to play when ensuring that your FUE scars go unnoticed.

Why does scarring result after a hair transplant?

Miami FUE surgeons are some of the best in the world. They create flawless, youthful and natural hair restorations through transplantation of individual hair grafts. In the past, the strip method was the most common approach for restoring a head of hair. Though the implant sites were made much the same way- with a tiny slit in the recipient site- the harvesting was quite different. Surgeons would excise a large strip of the scalp and cut that piece of tissue into thousands of tiny follicle grafts. These were dissected under a stereomicroscope, then transferred one by one to the new location. A long, linear scar at the back of the head is a common sign of people who’ve gone this route. Though longer hair can cover the mark, the options for hairstyles are limited using FUT because of scar visibility.

During an FUE hair transplant, the small natural groupings of hair follicles are removed individually with a tiny rotary punch tool. This can be digitally or robot-assisted to help control uniformity and speed, along with graft preservation.

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With FUE, small dot-like openings in the donor area are created as the grafts are extracted. These micro-incisions close quickly and will be pink spots initially, then pale. Because they are small and placed randomly throughout the back and sides of the scalp, they aren’t easy to detect once healed. FUE patients can even wear their hair short without showing signs of surgery.

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Your hair transplant surgeon must be experienced and show artistic ability because hair transplantation is an art form. The strategic extraction and placement of incisions can make scarring obvious, or virtually non-existent.

Additionally, you must follow post-operative instructions carefully. Your prevention of infection, sun protection and overall health help determine how visible marks will be once healed. Temporary limitations for aerobic activity, scalp contact and head elevation are essential to understand. You won’t be allowed to swim or bath for a short while as well. Sun damage early in recovery on can darken scars permanently.

At Nova Medical Hair Transplant Miami, our experts will be happy to take the necessary time planning your personalized treatment and explaining everything you need to know and do to see optimal results. If you’re considering FUE, schedule your private consultation and let’s get started.

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