The Advantages & Disadvantages of FUE in Miami

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FUE In Miami Is The Front-Runner Today

You have more than one surgical method to select from depending on your needs and goals.

The options for natural-looking hair restoration today far surpass what they used to be. There are also non-surgical treatments to support a hair transplant such as PRP for hair. Choosing the best treatment for you is easier once you’ve met with a hair specialist in person and had an individualized consultation.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplant (FUT) are the two, primary techniques used for hair transplantation. They differ in that the FUT or strip method utilizes surgical extraction of a long piece of scalp.

Disadvantages for FUE can include shaving the donor area (back and sides of the scalp) which is necessary for larger sessions but may not be for transplants with 1,000 or fewer grafts. To help blend in your temporarily buzzed hair, we recommend you get a transitional haircut and keep the entire back and sides of the hair quite short before your procedure. That way the donor area will blend in fairly easily,and all the hair will grow back at the same rate.

Another drawback can be the size of the donor area for Miami FUE which is typically larger. However, a skilled transplant surgeon will diffuse the donor section randomly and discretely so that it is not apparent once healed. The alternative is to remove a piece of the scalp which is arguably a smaller area but leaves a long, visible scar. This is why most people prefer the FUE option even though initially, they’ll have a larger treatment area to heal.

The FUE treatment is more pricey than FUT in most cases because the process is extremely labour intensive. The detailed and time-consuming work takes the surgeon longer, yet the results are virtually scarless and have a very high take rate.

FUE is a “blind procedure,” meaning you’re relying on the skill and experience of the surgeon to ensure that follicle grafts are removed without transecting and damaging them. Because it’s not possible to see the root angle under the skin’s surface, a certain percentage of grafts taken are lost to unavoidable damage.

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Benefits For Miami FUE Procedures Far Outweigh The Drawbacks

Known as “scarless” the procedure is not technically scar-free, yet the resulting scars are so small and blended into the remaining hair that they are virtually impossible to see for most people. This makes it possible to wear the hair short after the procedure which is not possible for FUT patients who have a long scar at the back of their head.

Minimal discomfort and rapid recovery are also significant bonuses when taking the FUE route. Unlike the 2-week incision care and healing period required after the strip method, most FUE patients require minimal pain medication and the tiny micro incisions close within a few days. There are no stitches or scalpels,and no bandages needed.

Less risk of complication is another plus for FUE. The reduction of incision size to micro-holes means that infection and scarring risks also decrease significantly. When large scars are left after FUT, patients can have FUE to implant hairs back into the scarred areas of the scalp.

The benefits for FUE have quickly made it the most in-demand hair transplant technology. We welcome you to contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic and arrange a personal consultation to learn what it can do for you.

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The FUE process is an advanced next-generation hair transplant micro-surgery. Click on the steps to get a simplified overview. For more details particular to your case, please consult with our doctor.

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