Sleeping Techniques to Use After Your FUE in Miami

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A Miami FUE transplant is one of the most popular options today for flawless-looking hair restoration, but it is not without some discomfort while healing.

Today’s hair transplant techniques are less invasive and offer more rapid recovery than ever before. It’s a good idea to have realistic expectations about recovery so you can plan well and take each phase of the process in stride. Many of our patients express concern about sleeping post-procedure. They worry that they may damage their scalp and transplant results while asleep, and have a hard time getting comfortable as their head and shoulders are elevated. Luckily, the first concern is rarely a problem,and it is more likely that if you bump or press on a healing area in your sleep, you will be uncomfortable and sleep poorly. We have some tips to help guide you toward a restful and comfortable sleep after Miami FUE.

Keep Your Head Up

Not completely upright- you don’t have to sleep sitting up- however elevating the head of your bedframe with a few books under the bedposts is a great way to fight the pull of gravity on swelling. Adding extra, firm pillow support to raise your head and shoulders roughly 35 degrees will also behelpful. Gravity tends to pool in dependent areas,and the lower your head is, the more you can expect throbbing and swelling when you lay down due to increased blood pressure. For this reason, we also advise against bending completely over, heavy lifting or any strenuous activity that could raise blood pressure.

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Side Lying And Headboard Cushioning

Another comfortable option for some Miami FUE patients is to lay on their side and utilize airplane cushions to take pressure off certain areas of the scalp. You can place a pillow along with your headboard above the head just in case you shift up and bump your head in the night. You may also find it helpful to arrange body pillows or a few cushions along your back and front, preventing you from rolling over in your sleep.

Take Your Medication

Lots of people take the approach of “tough it out” after a surgical procedure and avoid taking their pain medication. We don’t advise you to try this because there’s really no benefit and you’ll sleep less comfortably. Your analgesic medication will help reduce inflammation and minimize discomfort which allows youto sleep comfortably. If you feel bothersome throbbing or itching, your surgeon can prescribe medication with a sedative or anti-itch component. For the first few days when swelling and discomfort are at their peak, don’t hesitate to take medication as prescribed that will make you feel better and sleep deeply.

If you have questions about having FUE or you’d like to know more about a safe, comfortable recovery process, we can help. We invite you to contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic and set up a personal consultation with an experienced hair transplant surgeon today. You can restore your real, growing hair without the worry of visible scarring or unnatural results that once dominated the industry. Today’s advanced hair transplant options are incredible. Find out what you’ve been missing.

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