Returning To Work After Your FUE in Miami

Navigating realistic expectations

Miami FUE Recovery Variability

Researching hair transplants can be confusing at times.

You may hear that people can return to work and regular life routines anywhere between 3 days to 3 weeks after surgery. Navigating realistic expectations and planning can be tough if you don’t know when you can return to work. The truth is, the ideal timing will be a little different for everyone.

Though this transplant option is less invasive than the FUT, strip method, depending on the number of graftsyou have transferred, and the size of the treatment area, your post-procedure appearance and swelling will differ. Some people have subtle amounts of hairline grafting done to reduce peaks at the temples. Others have a full transplant with 4,000 grafts and cover a large area on the crown. In the latter case, visibility of the graft sites and swelling for the first week will be more noticeable. Swelling is also variable between people as each body reacts a little differently to the tissue trauma of a procedure.

Taking Time Off Work

This is a personal choice. We’ll usually advise at least 5 days off work to relax and care for your scalp at home. Your swelling and any potential bruising will peak and then begin to resolve during that time. As well, after the first 5 days, minor scabbing is usually disappearing. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go out or carry on with most regular activities, but the slight redness and scabbing on your scalp could be apparent to someone looking at you closely.

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Ideal Recovery Planning

If you can wear a soft hat to work, you can effectively hide the evidence of your transplant and will have some flexibility to go back as soon as you feel up to it. If you cannot cover your head, you’ll need to be aware that the recipient sites can appear scabby and a bit red for the first week. For the best results, we advise our Miami FUE clients to come into the clinic in the days following surgery to ensure everything is healing well and to have care questions answered. We’ll recommend specialized products which ease inflammation and help keep the scalp hydrated and healthy.

For those who wish to be more discrete about their procedure, waiting two weeks before returning to work is more common because graft sites have completely healed and are much less visible at that time.

Our caring, experienced team at Nova Medical Hair Transplant will work with you to plan a realistic timeframe for recovery and help you schedule time off work. Depending on what you do for a living, your preferred level of discretion and the specifics of your personal FUE procedure, the ideal recovery planning for you will vary.

If you have questions about Miami FUE procedures, we’d love to talk with you. Please contact us to arrange a personal consultation today and learn about next steps toward a revitalizedhead of hair and a new outlook.

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