Main Differences Between Strip Harvesting and FUE in Miami

FUE Leading Hair Transplant Technique

Differences Between Strip Harvesting and FUE Miami

Follicular unit excision/extraction (FUE) in Miami is now the leading hair transplant technique requested by men and women. There are good reasons for the high demand, and the procedure is often referred to as “scarless,” though that’s not entirely accurate. The traditional “strip method” is still in use today, and there are some instances where it’s well-suited to a patient’s needs. When comparing both options, many people are curious about the potential for scarring either technique has. Here, we’ll discuss the primary differences between FUT and FUE in Miami, including scar visibility.

Why does hair transplant surgery cause scarring at all?

During the follicular unit transplant ( FUT) method for transplantation, a strip of the scalp must be excised from the back of the head, then dissected into individual grafts, ready for transplant. This is an effective way to create a high number of grafts from a relatively small scalp area, especially if the patient has widespread thinning or severe crown baldness.

However, the strip method, as FUT is known, unavoidably leaves a long scar. Once the incision heals, which takes roughly two weeks, the process of scar maturation continues throughout the year. Unless new follicles are implanted into the scar, that break in natural hair density will always be visible. Possible solutions include wearing the hair long or following up with FUE.

FUE in Miami implants hair grafts much the same way, but the harvesting is different. Using a digital or robot-assisted follicular unit extraction device, micro- units containing 1-4 hairs are punched out of the donor area individually. The holes created are shallow and small, measuring just 1mm in diameter or less. They close quickly and are easy to hide within a short time. No stitches are needed, and the scars become tiny white dots. If they are placed in an appropriately randomized manner, they won’t be visible to most people, even when patients wear their hair short.

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Which option is right for you?

Are you considering FUE? You’ll need to visit with an expert hair transplant surgeon in person to be assessed and discuss your goals. Depending on your existing donor hair availability and your desired outcome, either option may be suggested for you. Those who have more severe hair loss or diffused thinning may fare better with the FUT approach; however, multiple FUE sessions can also be carried out to build up the desired result over time.

The best way to minimize visible scarring is to choose an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon with the skill, technique, and artistry that a hair transplant requires. The flawlessly natural hairlines and virtually invisible scarring you want depend on your surgeon’s approach primarily. Other critical factors for a great result are your overall health, your expectations and your adherence to important post-op instructions. Your surgeon will advise you to avoid activities that put you at risk for bleeding or infection post-treatment. You’ll also be reminded to stay out of the sun or wear excellent sun protection ( like a hat) because fresh incisions, even when tiny, can scar darkly.

You’re welcome to visit the experts at Nova Medical Hair Transplant Miami for FUE or other effective hair loss treatments. We’ll listen to your concerns, answer your questions and offer professional guidance to help you choose the procedure that will benefit you most.

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