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Hair transplant surgery is a rapidly improving and evolving field. FUE in Miami Beach now requires minimal downtime and can produce virtually scarless results. There’s always a required recovery period after any cosmetic procedure, however. It’s essential to understand what your timeline will be like, what considerations there are for optimal results, and what you can do to make the process as smooth as possible.

Every patient wants to get back to their normal activities quickly, but realistic expectations will not only reduce stress, they may also improve your result. That’s because rushing into certain routines too fast could harm your hair grafts. We’ll outline a few restrictions to keep you safe and let you know how long your full results are expected to take.

Miami Beach FUE is minimally invasive

Using the strip method, or FUT, for hair transplant results in a linear scar on the scalp. This incision takes considerably longer to heal than the tiny, 1mm or less follicular unit punches our FUE approach creates. These micro-incisions close and heal fast, which means the downtime required is shorter, and scars will be far less visible too.

There’s still some temporary restriction, however. For roughly 5-7 days, you’ll be advised about careful hair rinsing techniques and asked to avoid regular washing. Until the incisions are completely healed, you’ll also need to avoid baths, hot tubs, pools and swimming at the beach. Miami FUE patients have a challenging time avoiding sunny, ocean activities, but the long-term benefits are well worth it. Exposure to possible infection is the reason to avoid most water, and you’ll also have to protect your scalp from UV exposure. Cover up when you go outside and avoid sun on your scalp until your surgeon gives you the all-clear.

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Post Procedure Guidelines

Another restriction you’ll have for just 2-3 weeks is aerobic activity. The reason to avoid elevated blood pressure and sweating is that pressure increased in tiny vessels will prolong swelling and may even elevate your risk of bleeding early after surgery. As well, because your regular scalp washing will be limited initially, avoiding sweating will keep you more comfortable and help protect incision sites.

Once the first 7-10 days have passed, life will start going back to normal. Your swelling will be resolved, the incision sites won’t appear red and may no longer be visible. You’ll have fewer restrictions and can get back to all the activities you love. Now begins the waiting game for hair growth.

A typical hair will take between 3 to 4 months to grow in. You’ll begin to see thin, wispy little strands coming in after a few months, but you’ll have to patiently wait until closer to 8 or 9 months before the hair really thickens.

An FUE transplant is not an instant fix. The time it takes for hair to grow and fill in can be up to one full year, but the results are so incredibly worth it. Once your hair is growing, you can cut and style it like you usually would. The follicles are harvested from DHT resistant scalp regions, so they retain their robust qualities and resist shedding. They’ll stay in place for a lifetime.

If you’d like to know more about your personal options for permanent hair restoration surgery, we’d like to meet you. Contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today.

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