Permanent hair transplantation method

You might know that choosing a qualified hair transplant surgeon is essential, and planning your FUE in Miami is important, but do you know that recovery is critical too?

The recovery stage is sometimes underestimated, as hair transplant websites will emphasize the fast, easy recovery. You may also see a multitude of before and after photos for FUE, and imagine you’ll have a head full of hair shortly after surgery. Unfortunately, though your end result could be a thick, luxurious head of hair, the process required to get there will take patience and careful adherence to recovery instructions.

To help you plan effectively, we’ll let you know what a realistic and optimal recovery after FUE in Miami involves.

The first stage

You might have read that recovery takes 1 week. This is true in a sense. When we’re referring to the healing of your scalp, the innovative new techniques used for FUE transplants mean rapid healing and minimal downtime. The tiny, micro-incisions used to extract grafts and re-implant them will close and heal within 5-7 days. Most people develop little scabs at the graft sites, and these too recover and fall off at roughly 1 week. You’ll need to avoid swimming or other exposure to infection during this critical phase.

How long should you take off work?

Because some people feel self-conscious about undergoing a hair transplant, they choose to hide away from work until swelling and redness are entirely resolved. This may take between 1-2 weeks. You will be fully functional and capable of working from home if you choose to do this, or pop a soft hat on and return quicker. Your Miami FUE surgeon can advise you about cutting your hair quite short at the back to camouflage the donor site.

Your surgeon will also advise you to take a break from the gym, sports or anything that leads to elevated blood pressure for roughly 3 weeks.

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How long will you wait to see the complete results of your hair transplant?

The aspect of recovery that really requires patience is between 1-8 months. The hairs which transfer along with your follicle grafts may fall out a month after surgery. Don’t worry; that’s perfectly normal, and new hairs will grow in their place. The average life cycle of a strand and time it takes to develop means that you won’t see new hairs sprouting until 3-4 months post-procedure. Fuller, thicker hair that appears natural and can be styled won’t come in until 8 or 9 months. At the 1-year mark is when most people are considered, “recovered.” The good news: those results are permanent, so you’ll enjoy many more years with your restored hair after that initial waiting period is done.

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