Everything You Need To Know About A Facial Hair Transplant in Miami

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Why Do People Seek Facial Hair Transplants in Miami?

Great facial hair is perpetually in and out of fashion in some parts of the world.

Lately, full, stylish beards and mustaches are back on trend. Even those men who prefer to remain clean shaved will sometimes want to grow out their facial hair,and bald spots or patchiness can lead to frustration.

In Miami, hair transplant surgery is now so advanced that single haired grafts can be meticulously placed to follow realistic hair growth and density on the face. This means no more struggling to grow your facial hair fashionably full and manly. As well, eyebrows can be restored so that irregular shapes, missing hair or scars are permanently covered up.

Since FUE technology advanced to the point that rapid recovery, virtually scarless hair restoration is now possible, the number of people requesting this procedure has leaped nearly 200%. The stigma of men seeking cosmetic improvements is diminishing each year. More guys realize that everything from facial lines to hair growth can be helped with modern esthetic procedures and they can get in on the new options too.

Facial hair implant surgery is more common than you think. Guys sometimes believe they’re the only one who can’t grow a full, even beard, or scars and other irregularities won’t let the growth come in uniform. Plenty of men and women have lost brows or partial eyebrow hair due to tweezing, scars or they just grew in sparse.

Most of these people will have tried topical “growth serums” supplements, even medications to try to get the hair to grow. For eyebrows, tattoos and makeupwere the go-to solutionsfor years but these come with some inconvenient drawbacks. Those who are tired of painting on brows or hiding bald spots in their facial hair with makeup will be delighted when they learn how FUE restores facial hair permanently.

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How Do Miami Facial Hair Transplants Work?

The hair grafts are taken from a donor site, (usually the back and sides of the scalp) where the hair growth is robust and dense. The FUT or FUE method can be used. People seeking facial hair restoration are not necessarily suffering hair loss on their scalp’s as well. In the cases where donor hair is plentiful, individual grafts will be taken with a round punch tool that removes tiny plugs. These can contain 2-3 hairs when used for scalp hair restoration, but for facial hair, often extremely fine, single hair grafts are used.

What Can FUE Do for Eyebrows?

Eyebrow transplants are similar in that each and every hair counts. Single hair grafts removed from the back of the head will be placed into a tiny little slit created at the recipient site. Extra care is used to ensure that the direction and pattern of hair growth are copied naturally. The incisions shut within a few days and completely heal by 7-10 days.

An interesting quirk of eyebrow transplants is that they continually grow. You may not have considered this, but your eyebrow hairs are programmed to stop growing after about 7 weeks,and they don’t often require trimming. However, transplanted eyebrow hairs continually grow just like the hair on your head,so you must cut them every few weeks.

If you’re curious about what a facial hair transplant can do for you, we welcome you to contact Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic and schedule an in-person consultation with one of our hair experts. You can take the next step now toward a fresh face and outlook.

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