4 Facts You Need To Know About PRP For Hair Loss in Miami

100% natural, safe and effective treatment

PRP for hair loss in Miami

There’s a treatment for hair loss which sounds a little strange when you first hear it. It uses a growth stimulating power found within your own blood, and it’s growing in popularity in Miami. Hair loss PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a 100% natural, safe and effective treatment that anyone can do to stop hair fallout and boost luscious new growth. You’ll need to know a few of the most essential facts about PRP to decide if it’s right for you.

1. Your blood contains white cells and platelets which could be the key to your hair restoration

Platelets are natural healers. They help to clot bleeding when you’re injured, but they do so much more. They contain over 20 different growth factors which act as messengers to stimulate cell functions. The treatment may be new to the hair loss industry, but conventional doctors and surgeons have been using PRP to treat all manner of injury, inflammation and surgical wounds for decades.

Research is ongoing, but a number of scientific studies show effective increases in hair count, density and growth after PRP administration.

2. Hair loss treatment with PRP in Miami is easy

Beginning with a fast, in-office blood draw from the patient’s arm, your practitioner will use just a couple tablespoons of blood to create the PRP solution for your scalp. A centrifuge spins the blood to separate red cells from plasma and platelets. The scalp is numbed with a local anesthetic, and the superficial injections distribute the product evenly just under the skin’s surface. The whole procedure will usually take less than an hour. Patients can leave right away and return to their regular activities. The fact that there’s no downtime, aftercare or signs of a treatment to hide makes this a patient favorite.

3. Risks are very minimal

A treatment involving blood might sound risky, but compared with most alternatives, it’s incredibly safe. Not only is it virtually painless, but because it’s an autologous procedure (taken from your own body) there’s no risk of foreign material leading to infection or allergy.

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4. It’s ideal for just about everyone

There aren’t many limitations for those seeking hair loss PRP in Miami. If you’re too young or otherwise not interested in hair transplant surgery, it could be right for you. Men or women both get great results. Patients of all ages can safely have treatment. It works well as an adjunct for those who do undergo hair transplant surgery and want to heal faster while boosting graft ‘take rate.’

For most patients, we’ll recommend starting with a series of 3 PRP treatments, spaced one month apart. This allows the growth factors to stimulate the hair roots at various stages of the growing cycle and have the most overall impact. Once desired results are achieved, you’ll likely want to book maintenance appointments once or twice per year.

While PRP won’t grow hair in completely bald areas, it can kickstart slow or dormant follicles and improve your hair density, length and thickness. We’d like to meet with you for a consultation to discuss your personal hair growth plan. Contact the Nova Medical Hair Transplant Clinic today.

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