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The term hair transplant sometimes invokes images of the cringe-worthy results achieved by this surgical procedure in the 1980s and 1990s, when a long strip of scalp was removed, leaving a long linear scar and visible hair plugs. Today, men and women can leave those concerns behind as the process has been completely revolutionized and there are now incredibly effective, virtually scar-less baldness cures in Miami.


Scar less Hair Transplant Surgery

Many patients who express an interest in hair transplant surgery for rejuvenation of thinning or balding hair, are concerned that the procedure may lead to visible scarring, a telltale sign of surgery. However, at Miami Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer the most natural scar-less baldness cure in Miami, to restore the hairline and confidence of our patients.


What is FUT?

Follicular Unit Transplantation, commonly referred to as FUT, is a standard, effective procedure that involves removing a thin strip of scalp tissue from a donor site at the back or side of the patient’s head.

This area is an ideal hair donor site because it tends to retain hair even when faced with the genetic tendency for male pattern baldness; a condition which causes hair to thin at the crown and hairline, resulting in a signature horseshoe shape of the remaining hair. The strands that don’t fall out are more resistant to DHT, which is the hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Even if the DHT resistant hair has thinned in these areas, most patients have enough at the back of the head to provide the grafts needed for transplant.

The scalp which is utilized to provide hair implants is dissected using stereo-microscopic technology to create small follicular units, separating a few hairs at a time for implantation. Once the donor scalp has been removed, the wound is closed with incisions and covered with a dressing. It is essential to be aware that the incision must be handled carefully to prevent the risk of infection during the healing process. As a result, some activity restrictions may be temporarily in place such limiting dramatic head movements to avoid unnecessary tension on the incision. Inadvertently pulling on a healing incision or fresh scar can cause it to widen, which may impact its appearance, leading to unpredictable results. It’s also essential to carefully protect maturing scars from the sun during the first year, as sun exposure may cause them to develop more pigment, causing unwanted darkening. Many clients resolve to wear a soft hat for a short while post-procedure, then make good use of sunblock after that.

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How can you avoid the strip hair transplant scars?

When seeking a baldness cure in Miami, many people assume that “scar-less” hair transplant procedures sound too good to be true.

The FUE hair transplant procedure has revolutionized the results delivered by hair transplant surgery and is considered a game changer for scars. While any surgical procedure is bound to leave a sign of injury at the incision site, this exciting new method is considered “scar-less” because unlike former methods, it doesn’t leave a long, permanent scar. Instead, it results in micro-scars which are typically invisible to others.

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE

FUE methods remove very small cylinders of the scalp, usually less than 1mm thick, with a precise robotic device and hand tool. Next, the hair follicle units are prepared for implantation in areas of the scalp such as the hairline and top of the head, which lack hair density.

By far the most advanced hair restoration FUE device created yet, is the new NeoGraft® & SmartGraft® solutions.

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Many different brand names have developed FUE technology for handling grafts. At Miami Hair Transplant Clinic, we utilize SmartGraft®, a minimally invasive, precision device, designed by an innovative team of leading medical scientists, engineers, and physicians. These experts in the field of hair transplant technology understand that scarring is a top concern for balding men and women interested in hair transplant, followed by recovery time and costs involved.

SmartGraft® effectively addresses those concerns as it’s considered the least invasive and traumatic method for hair restoration. Using the latest, advanced technology reduces the patient’s recovery time and mitigates the likelihood of surgical scars. This procedure is classified as “scar-less” because the scars that are created are so small, they are almost impossible to see. The tiny micro-surgery sites are less than 1mm and randomly selected, which means they easily blend with the typical space between hairs on the scalp. While the small white dots would be perceptible under a magnifying glass, they are not visible to the naked eye, so the patient will not be left with any obvious signs of surgery.

Similarly, micro-slits, or small, shallow openings, are made to re-implant the hairs at the donor sites. These tiny incisions enable hair to be inserted at the desired angle, which delivers realistic hair growth. A few days post-operatively, these openings will be closed completely. Although a small scab may form, it typically falls off within a few days, leaving no sign of the graft sites. As a result, FUE is one of the most popular baldness cures in Miami, as it utilizes your own hair to produce seamless, natural results.

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Learn The Benefits of FUE versus Strip Graft

  • FUE provides more natural-looking results: Compared to hair systems and FUT (strip graft) methods, SmartGraft® is the leader in micro-fine, precision hair transplants that look entirely natural. Small, single hair grafts and precise placement lead to realistic hairline pattern and density that look fantastic-even up close.
  • Less scarring: Restoring a full head of hair or hairline no longer necessitates the excision of scalp from another area of the head. Once healed, people can wear short hairstyles after FUE hair transplant, without giving away their procedure. Donor scars are a thing of the past. Today’s patients can even buzz or shave their hair without showing a tell-tale scar.
  • One session, in office: SmartGraft’s® technology fits easily in the comfortable, boutique surgical offices of Miami hair transplant surgeons. With a full, extensive session taking about 5-6 hours, many people easily pass the time reading, watching TV or listening to music and compare the experience to a day at the spa.
  • Express recovery: Today’s minimally invasive methods outshine the surgeries of the past because they allow for reduced scalp trauma and rapid recovery. The FUE graft sites are incredibly small, and they close fully within a few days. Minor swelling and sensitivity resolve within one week and patients can get back in action, fast.
  • Comfortable: The whole procedure is virtually pain-free. A local anesthetic will be administered to the scalp, and additional numbing solutions ensure the entire process from prep to transplant to recovery, are stress-free.
  • 90% take rate: SmartGraft® boasts a higher take rate than the less advanced hair transplant solutions of the past. The medically engineered system is designed to meticulously extract and hydrate the viable grafts, keeping them healthy and ensuring they thrive where they are implanted. Scalp trauma is reduced, as is stress on the delicate grafts as the transplant session time has also been reduced. That translates into more successful, long-lasting transformations using FUE technology.
  • Hide a previous transplant scar: FUE hair transplant methods can even grow hair where there was previously only a scar. Whether related to injury, illness or a prior hair transplant, visible scars on the scalp can be filled in and camouflaged through the placement of hair grafts, so they no longer cause embarrassment or limit your choices of hairstyle. FUE allows the micro-transplant hairs to blend your native hair with the previously bald or scarred area.

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SmartGraft® is the leading choice for today’s prospective hair transplant patients. They want dramatic, permanent coverage, minimal procedure and recovery time and no noticeable scarring. The scientists and medical engineers who developed this revolutionary system understood precisely what the goals and concerns are for the modern hair transplant client. If fast, easy recovery is vital to you, our advanced FUE hair transplant system will suit your active lifestyle. If you’re concerned about carrying visible signs of a surgical procedure and would rather avoid scarring if possible, we welcome you to come to talk about your FUE options with us.

Our hair growth and restoration experts are knowledgeable about the industry’s leading technologies and methods for combating hair loss. We’re excited about the advancements that now offer ‘scar-free’ rapid recovery and completely natural-looking hair transplants. After all, you don’t want the look of hair surgery; you want your full, real, growing hair back. Come to talk to us about the latest solutions. You’ll be impressed by what’s possible and get your old confidence back before you know it.

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