Hair loss happens to the best of us and sometimes it’s completely out of our control. As we age, we begin to wonder what the underlying reasons for hair loss are and how to treat it. You may have noticed that your hair is thinning in some spots or that you are losing clumps of hair every time you comb it.

Some of the most prevalent reasons for hair loss are genetics, age, and the general health of the body. Even though hair loss is more prevalent in males than in women, it still takes a physical and emotional toll on those affected.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly 80 million Americans suffer from alopecia, often known as genetic hair loss. Hair loss may impact more than just your head hairs. It may also affect other parts of the body, including the arms and legs.

Usually, hair loss does not occur overnight. It is a gradual process that occurs throughout a person’s life. Depending on what the body is experiencing, hair loss might be permanent or transient. In this blog we’re going to go over the ten main causes of hair loss and how we can help you with effectively treating it.

How Do I Identify Hair Loss Conditions?

What causes hair loss? Although males suffer hair loss more often than women, anybody may experience hair loss. Several various variables, including hormones, inheritance, age, the environment, and prescription side effects, may cause hair loss.

Typically, hair loss refers to the severe thinning of hair in a certain body region. The scalp itself is the most prevalent site of infection. Although hair loss may manifest in a variety of ways, aging is the most typical cause.

Check for the following signs to discover whether you have a condition that causes hair loss:

1) Gradual thinning of hair on the crown of the head is the most prevalent kind of hair loss. Men will generally notice this symptom when their hairline begins to recede in the form of a “M.” This symptom often manifests in women as their hair starts to thicken near their natural hairline.

2) Patches and circles of hair loss on the scalp- this form of hair loss just affects the scalp. The most typical indicator of this kind of hair loss is the appearance of smooth coin-sized areas all over the scalp. In some instances, the scalp may become red or irritated prior to hair loss. If your scalp becomes inflamed, we advise that you visit our team for an examination.

3) Abrupt hair loss. Often the most difficult to cope with emotionally, sudden hair loss often results in general hair thinning. It does not result in bald patches on the scalp. When hair falls out when brushing, washing, or gently pulling on the hair follicles, this kind of hair loss is usually detected.

4) Body wide hair loss. This form of hair loss is often a side effect of medication and other medical procedures, such as chemotherapy. Typically, the hair will ultimately regrow in this situation.

10 Causes Of Hair Loss

#1 Lack Of Protein

Diet is a frequent cause of hair loss that most individuals may not consider. If your body is not receiving enough protein to produce the necessary nutrients for thick, healthy hair, it may inhibit hair development to compensate for what it is lacking.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, this may occur about two to three months after a reduction in protein consumption. Consult our Miami experts on your diet, and seek out good protein sources such as fish, meat, and eggs.

#2 Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is one of the most prevalent causes of hair loss in males. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, more than fifty percent of males over the age of 50 will have male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness follows a characteristic pattern in which hair recedes in the form of a “M” from the temples.  Typically, a combination of genetics and hormones produces this kind of hair loss. Often referred to as female pattern baldness, the same symptoms that afflict men may also affect women. In certain circumstances, over-the-counter topical treatments and oral medications may be used to postpone or even reverse the consequences of male pattern baldness.  Many people choose hair transplant surgery in Miami as a treatment for hair loss. 

#3 Side-Effects From Medication 

Blood-thinners, chemotherapy, oral contraceptives, calcium channel blockers, and antidepressants are examples of common drugs that may cause hair loss.  Although you may have hair loss while taking some drugs, in the vast majority of situations, your hair will regrow after you stop taking the prescription causing the hair loss.  Always see your physician if you suspect this is the cause of your hair loss.

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#4 Dramatic Weight Loss 

Even if it is eventually necessary to preserve an individual’s general health, sudden weight reduction may cause physical stress to the body. It is probable that the fast weight loss has led the body to enter a brief state of shock.
Despite the fact that fast weight reduction may initially shock the body, causing hair loss, after about six months, the body will return to its normal condition and hair will begin to regenerate.
Additionally, the body might be deprived of the nutrients required to maintain healthy hair. This is most often seen in anorexia and bulimia. 

#5 Too Much Vitamin A Intake 

The excessive use of vitamin A, whether in the form of a supplement or food, may cause hair loss. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that people consume 5,000 International Units (IU) per day of vitamin A. Common supplements include between 2,500 and 10,000 IUs.
Whether you are taking a vitamin A supplement, you should examine how many IU of vitamin A you are ingesting to see if you are over the recommended daily allowance.
When returning to a healthy IU level, hair should return to its natural condition, and any damage caused by hair loss should recover completely. 

#6 Stress

Stress, like genetics, is a frequent cause of hair loss. Any physical or mental stress, such as the death of a loved one, an automobile accident, a divorce, or a serious illness, may trigger hair loss. Stress-related hair loss often occurs three to six months following the onset of the stressful event.
The good news about this sort of hair loss is that if the source of the stress is eliminated, your body will begin to recuperate and hair will begin to regrow naturally.

Find Out How Our Miami Team Can Help

Although certain underlying reasons for hair loss may be permanent, many of its effects may be reversed with time. Given that up to 85 percent of men will experience hair loss throughout their lifetime, it is no surprise that everyone is so eager to discover the key to avoiding hair loss.

If you’ve experienced little to severe hair loss, our team at Nova Medical Hair Transplant in Miami can help. We have innovative and industry-leading treatments that can help prevent and reverse hair loss. Find out more by contacting our clinic and booking a consultation with a hair loss specialist and we will be happy to provide you with a hair restoration plan. Check our success stories of our recent patients.

#7 Hypothyroidism 

Hypothyroidism is in the list of likely reasons for hair loss. Hypothyroidism is caused by a thyroid gland that is underactive. The thyroid gland is a tiny gland found in the neck that generates hormones vital to the body’s metabolism and growth and development. When the thyroid fails to produce hormones, hair loss may result. 

The only method to determine whether this is the cause of your hair loss is to see a physician for the necessary testing. 

The condition should be remedied by thyroid medication, and your hair will return to normal when your thyroid levels return to normal. 

#8 Vitamin B Deficiency 

Despite the fact that vitamin B deficiency is uncommon in the United States owing to the diets of most Americans, it is a prevalent cause of hair loss. To sustain its general health, hair needs a combination of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B is essential for cell division, red blood cell synthesis, and the maintenance of a healthy metabolism. 

If your diet is deficient in vitamin B, this might be the reason for your hair loss issues. 

Consider including vitamin b-rich foods such as low-fat yogurt, wild trout, Swiss cheese, and clams into your meals. 

#9 Excessive Hair Styling 

This cause of hair loss is more prevalent in women than in men, however anybody might be affected depending on their regular hair care practice. Adding heat and other dangerous substances to your hair without sufficient protection might result in hair loss and thinning. 

Common causes of thinning hair include over-shampooing, excessive use of hot styling equipment, and excessive tugging. 

If possible, restrict hair’s exposure to damaging style products in order to avoid additional damage. 

#10 The Natural Aging Process Of Hair Follicles

Although it is a regular occurrence for hair to thin with age, physicians do not know for certain why this occurs so often. Some feel it is due to hereditary reasons, while others say it is an unavoidable aspect of life. 

Although it is considered one of the most prevalent reasons for hair loss in both men and women, it is also the most difficult to cure. Many doctors feel that it is almost difficult to manage this form of hair loss without turning to a cosmetic procedure, such as hair transplantation.

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